Made In Chelsea: Louise Thompson doesn’t regret night with One Direction’s Niall Horan and says Andy Jordan is under her thumb!

by Anna Howell


Well, we honestly thought that, after being blanked by the entire Made In Chelsea cast, Louise Thompson was sincere when she apologised to her boyfriend Andy Jordan about spending the night with a mystery man (who they don’t actually say is Niall Horan so we probably shouldn’t either), but it seems that we were wrong!

Louise broke Andy’s heart when, during the last series, she went AWOL for a night with a male celebrity she had made contact with on Twitter.

Andy had every right to be upset having been told by Louise previously that her new pal was also her secret crush and then, after telling him that they were simply having a drink together she was actually picked up by the man’s chauffeur and driven to his luxury pad where he serenaded her whilst playing the guitar.

However, when confronted with the betrayal, she insisted that nothing untoward had happened all the while maintaining that she thought that Andy was making far too big a deal out of it.

But, when she realised that the rest of the cast thought badly of her too, she quickly grabbed a spade and started apologising profusely.

So, with everything now sorted you would have thought she was suitably ashamed enough about the whole affair to not really go on about it in public anymore, but she has done the exact opposite as she has revealed to new! magazine that she has no regrets about the night that she still claims was one of the best of her life:

“I never have any regrets,”

And whilst she insists that nothing happened between them that night, she coyly refused to say whether she had found the mystery man’s attention flattering or not.


On the subject of her current relationship with Jordan she revealed that she is the one who wears the trouser:

“We argue occasionally about really pathetic stuff. He did complain yesterday that he was doing all the cooking and had basically turned into a domestic husband.

“I am quite stubborn, so I do tend to win the arguments.

“We talk about the future in a promising, optimistic way… We joke about being married, what our kids would look like… They’d have good genes but enormous nostrils!’

Made In Chelsea returns later this year for its sixth series, in the meantime catch up with the series 5 after party special below: