Made In Chelsea: Louise Thompson insists, yet again, that she has forgiven Spencer Matthews and they are really, really happy!

by Anna Howell

We aren’t too sure just who she is trying to convince, but Made In Chelsea star, Louise Thompson has found the need to yet again insist that she and her cheating boyfriend, MIC co-star Spencer Matthews are blissfully happy and that she has totes forgiven him for cheating on her last series.

Fans of the hit E4 reality show will know how during last series Christmas special of Made In Chelsea, Francis Boulle had a word in Millie Mackintosh and Rosie Fortescue’s shell like’s, telling them that Spencer Matthews had been meeting up with his Russian ex, former MIC co-star Funda Onal behind Louise Thompson’s back and that he had ‘fully’ cheated on her with at least one other girl too.

This caused Millie to deliver the devastating news to Louise, along with a Hollywood worthy slap across Spenny’s chops, leaving the show on somewhat of a cliff hanger as to whether the temperamental relationship between Matthews and Thompson was over for good.

It was, however, not as the pair confessed to Rick Edwards on the New Year’s Eve wrap party.

After that Louise has come out to tell just about anyone who will listen (not like her at all) how happy they are and how she has forgiven him totally and trusts him completely, blah blah blah.

And this week it was the turn of OK magazine to print the well scripted and rehearsed assurance that things are AOK in Thompson-Matthews land, but in case you haven’t heard it before, here is what she said:

“[I’ve] definitely [forgiven him]. It will take time to rebuild the trust. If he gives me any reason to doubt him or not trust him, it’s over.”

“Most relationships move in cycles, good times and bad times when you argue. At the moment things are really great because we’ve got through this massive obstacle.

“It was the biggest shock for me, I heard that he cheated for the first time on national television, so it wasn’t the happy end to the series people expected, but we couldn’t be happier now.

“It seems really peaceful between us after all the drama, the producers of the show are probably disappointed.”

Well, there you have it; obviously this relationship is solid and will truly stand the test of time.

Watch the moment that Millie did what every girl, and probably man, in the country has wanted to do to Spenny in the clip below:

Made In Chelsea returns this spring for series 5 on E4