Made In Chelsea: Louise Thompson at party without Andy Jordan!

by Anna Howell


Has Louise Thompson actually morphed into her ex Spencer Matthews, or what?

The Made In Chelsea star, who was dumped by co-star Matthews, surprised everyone when she seemed to adopt the same care free attitude as he had towards her new relationship with Andy Jordan.

Fans of the BAFTA award-winning show will know how, after months of distant admiration for each other, Thompson and Jordan became an item when her relationship to Matthews finally came to an end after it was revealed that he had cheated on her with someone in her own bed.

They seemed like a perfect couple, even declaring they loved each other before the last series was over, so it was more than a shock when Thompson went AWOL for a night with a mystery man who may believe to be One Direction’s Niall Horan.

Having told Jordan that she was simply having a drink with the “mystery man” she was actually picked up by his private chauffeur and driven to his luxury pad where she spent the night being serenaded by him whilst avoiding all contact with Jordan.


However, they made their peace with each other, despite Louise’s care free attitude towards the whole incident, but now it would seem that she has returned to form as she has been pictured in the Daily Mail, partying without her other half.

Attending the Infiniti party on Thursday night, looking pretty hot in a fitted white dress, Louise was notably without her plus one!

Ever since her minor indiscretion (or so she would have us believe) with the “mystery man” Louise has insisted that nothing untoward happened between them, and Andy seemed to have forgiven her – so why the absence?

At least this time her actions were well documented, which we are sure will be a comfort to Jordan!

Made In Chelsea returns later this year with its sixth series, if you missed the last end of series party, catch up below: