Made In Chelsea: Louise Thompson says she has forgiven Spencer Matthews!

by Anna Howell


louise-cryingWe can’t think why Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson is desperate to promote the art of forgiveness so much at this precise moment in time (though we feel it may have something to do with wanting her boyfriend Andy Jordan to forgive her for staying out all night being serenaded by a mystery man who may or may not be Niall Horan from One Direction), but to show just how much she believes in bygones being bygones, she has publicly forgiven her ex Spencer Matthews.

Fans of the BAFTA award-winning E4 reality show will know how Matthews and Thompson finally split up earlier this year after a turbulent relationship which involved lots of cheating in inappropriate places and a Channel 5 dating show.

It was Matthews himself who finally called time on the relationship, taking Thompson to exactly the same spot he had asked her out on to break up with her, whilst mocking her misery at the same time.

Spencer dumping Louise

Spencer dumping Louise

Since then both have moved on – Thompson to co-star Andy Jordan, and Spencer seemingly to The Hills star Stephanie Pratt after a superbly disastrous attempt at romance with Lucy Watson.


And now that so much water has passed under the bridge (like 4 months or something) Thompson has decided to declare to all that she is no longer upset by the whole sorry mess.

Discussing the complicated love hexagon with Digital Spy, Thompson explained:

“It’s been a while now so we’re over all our issues.

“Maybe one of my weaknesses is I forgive people too readily and I’ve forgiven him and I don’t really give a s**t anymore. Because I’m happy… in my own relationship I don’t really need to worry about other people.

“I feel sorry for anyone that would embark on having any kind of emotional feelings towards him, because he completely destroys it, but on a friendly basis he provides a lot of entertainment.”

Twitter/Spencer Matthews

Twitter/Spencer Matthews

On the subject of Matthews’ romance with Pratt, Thompson continued: “She’s really fun.

“I think he’s just wining and dining lots of different people at the moment. He’ll probably see a lot of different people, I don’t know how successful any of them will be.”


Made In Chelsea returns to our E4 screens later this year – catch the end of series party below: