Made In Chelsea: Lucy Watson says she can’t forgive Spencer Matthews whilst he tweets about missing Stephanie Pratt!

by Anna Howell


Well, it would certainly seem that there is no hope for former Made In Chelsea couple Spencer Matthews and Lucy Watson, as both have been very clear by recent words that there is absolutely no way back for them.

Fans of the BAFTA award-winning E4 reality show will know how Lucy and Spenny got together earlier this year after Matthews’ very public break-up with long-term girlfriend and co-star Louise Thompson (who incidentally moved on to Lucy’s ex, Andy Jordan) after it was revealed that he had cheated on her in her own bed.

Despite everyone saying it was too soon for Spencer to be jumping into a new relationship (and some even saying he should never try again) Lucy seemed to have the ability to tame and run rings round Spenny like none of her many predecessors had been able to do, and after making him really work to get her to a agree to a relationship with him, he even started talking about marriage!


However, loves young dream was to be short lived as, during the end of series studio Made In Chelsea after party show, Spencer was revealed as having cheated on Lucy a few days earlier whilst on holiday.

spencer-and-lucy2 Lucy-Watson-and-Spencer-jpg

Lucy’s reaction was typically hard, but everyone felt for her as the hurt really couldn’t be disguised from her cold dark eyes, and we did all have to take it with a pinch of salt when she declared that she would never get back with him and that he was not to contact her again after that night.

And it would seem that she meant it as she has now revealed to OK! magazine that she would never, ever take him back:

“All these excuses – I’m sick of it. He [said] that he wasn’t in love with me, it was ‘just lust’. How dare he,

“I would never get back with him. I can’t forgive him. I finished it over text. I said, ‘Well done. Hope the f**k was worth it. Spencer, you’re being dumped for the first time, how does it feel?’

“I feel so sorry for the next guy I date because I am so untrusting. But I’m not cynical enough to give up on love. I know there’s someone out there who wouldn’t do that to me.”

But it looks like Spencer couldn’t care less as he has been expressing some of his own feelings on social networking site Twitter, but they don’t involve Lucy – they are all about his new lady friend, The Hills star Stephanie Pratt!

Spencer and Stephanie, who is the sister of Celebrity Big Brother star Spencer Pratt, had been rumoured as being a couple for the last few weeks, but the stories looked to be true when they were photographed together at the annual Grand Prix Ball last week.

Twitter/Spencer Matthews

Twitter/Spencer Matthews

And now Spencer has added even more fuel to the fire by tweeting a picture of the two of them together after Stephanie had flown back to LA, along with the caption:

“Miss the Pratt… @stephaniepratt,”

Made In Chelsea will return for its sixth series later this year, watch the end of series party for series 5 in the clip below: