Made In Chelsea: Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green are engaged!

by Anna Howell


It is the moment that all Made In Chelsea fans have been waiting for, Professor Green has proposed to Millie Mackintosh, but unfortunately NOT on the hit E4 reality show.

Millie Mackintosh, who has starred in Made In Chelsea since the show began in 2011, has been seeing Brit rap sensation, Professor Green, for over a year, with him even making a cameo in Made In Chelsea last year, which planted hope in fans everywhere that when the time was right for him to pop the question it would be in front of the MIC camera for us all to see.

But alas, that was not to be the case as the rapper, who is currently starring in the Monster energy drink adverts, made it abundantly clear last year that he would never return to the show he claims is intrusive and manipulative.

Speaking last year, the Prof said: “I actually find it quite weird but there are people whose job it is to manipulate other people’s lives for the sake of a TV programme.

“They set up those situations. I am not going on it.”

Then Millie herself came out and said that he isn’t wanted on set anyway!


When asked last year if the Prof would be returning, the heir to the Quality Street fortune, commented that he “definitely” would not, telling BANG Showbiz: ”No. He definitely won’t back on the show.”

Then Millie’s co-star, Binky Felstead, revealed last month that she thought it would be “cringeworthy” if the Prof proposed to Millie on the show, telling BANG showbiz at the time of the rumour that he was planning on doing so: “Definitely not. I really think that’s made up because that’s quite cringeworthy if he does. It’ll be a disappointing proposal if he does do it that way.”

So, it would seem that Professor Green has taken Binky’s advice and proposed in private but, whilst we weren’t invited to the big event itself, we were treated to the news, and pictures of the HUGE rock that Millie is now sporting via social networking site, Twitter.

milliemackintoshengagement ring

Millie took to the site to post a picture of her left hand and its new bling yesterday along with the caption:

“At my favourite restaurant in the whole wide world and then… If I could scream loud enough for the whole world to hear I would.”

Green then backed this up with his own, slightly less enthusiastic declaration, tweeting to followers:

“Happy days. Someone’s gonna have to break the news to Jessica Alba and Eva Mendez.”

As well as responding to the many messages of congratulations from fans with:

“Thank you to everyone being so kind x x.”

Watch the prof discussing his Made In Chelsea series 3 cameo in the clip below: