Made In Chelsea: Oliver Proudlock says series 5 is the most dramatic yet!

by Anna Howell

After last year’s rollercoaster Made In Chelsea series, we are all just chomping at the bit for series five to begin this spring, and rightly so as Oliver Proudlock says it’s going to be the most dramatic series the show has ever seen!

Fans of the hit E4 reality show will know how Oliver, or Proudlock as he is known to his Chelsea elite friends, almost found love last series with newcomer Sophia Sassoon.

Of course we all knew (and still don’t know how Proudlock didn’t know) that Sophia was already the object of Proudlock’s best friend, Francis Boulle’s affection, and so we watched, hearts breaking, as Francis gallantly accepted his friend got in their first and chose to not stand in their way, and instead move on and find a girl of his own.

Leaving Proudlock and Sophia too it, Francis finally found some affection in the arms of Ashley, who he met whilst speed-dating, but when Sophia found out she soon realised that she had feelings for Francis too.

So then it was Proudlock’s turn to be gallant, and stepped back giving his friends his blessing to finally be together – ahhh!

So now, with series 5 getting closer by the day, we really hope that the drama of which Proudlock speaks has nothing to do with Sophia and Francis, as their fairy-tale ending melted all our hearts!

One couple who are bound to bring more than their fair share of drama to the table are Spencer Matthews and Louise Thompson, who ended the Christmas special last year with a Spencer-has-been-cheating-again cliff hanger.

However, we shall just have to keep guessing as Proudlock, despite admitting that this will be the most dramatic series to date, wasn’t giving any secrets away when he discussed the new series in a recent interview with Topman Generation:

“I can’t give too much away. There are new characters, and bringing in new characters always spices things up a bit.

“I always say this whenever we start a new season – I can’t really imagine there’s going to be more drama – but there always is! There’s already been quite a dramatic start to the season, I’d probably say the most dramatic start yet.”

The socialite, who if rumours are to be believed may be embarking on his own spin-off show with his besties Francis Boulle and Jamie Laing, went on to say that out of all his co-stars, the ones whose fashion sense he most admires is none other than Mark Francis!

He said: “He’s got very expensive taste, but he’s always very slick and very dapper. He’s got some pretty sweet clothes. And supposedly he’s got 400 pairs of shoes, which is pretty crazy.”

“I’ve been into fashion since a really young age. My parents were both quite stylish and apparently when I was younger, I don’t remember this, but apparently I used to change outfits three or four times a day.”

Watch Proudlock, Jamie, Francis and Mark Francis performing L’Americano with the Gypsy Queens in the clip below: