Made In Chelsea: Oliver Proudlock wants a spin-off show for him, Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle!

by Anna Howell

Made In Chelsea star Oliver Proudlock has revealed that he would like for him and the other two members of his exclusive Lost Bois collective, Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle, to star in their own MIC spin-off show.

The trio, who together make up the Lost Bois on the hit E4 reality series, already have a huge fan base making the idea of them sidestepping the regular show to take part in their own reality project, a promising move ratings wise.

Speaking to BANG showbiz, Proudlock, who along with Laing and Boulle and MIC supporting star, Mark Francis recorded their first ever music video last year, said of the idea: “The three of us boys would consider it, potentially! We’re thinking about maybe doing something around the music, maybe doing some kind of album around that.”

During last year’s drama packed series of Made In Chelsea it seemed that the Lost Bois relationship might have been damaged beyond repair when Proudlock began dating the object of Boulle’s affection, Sophia Sassoon.

However, like the perfectly well-mannered and sporting chaps they are the two best friends talked through their issues, and even after Sassoon chose Boulle over Proudlock in the end, their friendship remained as strong as ever.

Addressing the Sophia situation, Proudlock said: “We are absolutely fine, really good. We’re actually about to move into a new house together, me, Jamie and Francis which is really cool.”

“Throughout the whole thing we were always friends, when you watch it on TV it looked like there was a bit of poaching, but there wasn’t.”

So, do you think a Lost Boi (which it is bound to be titled, there or there about’s) spin-off would be a good idea? Would you watch it? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

We know we would and can’t wait to see what develops from this!

In the meantime we will settle for just watching this highly entertaining music video of the three of them, Mark Francis and The Gypsy Queens performing L’Americano in the clip below: