Made In Chelsea: Ollie Locke has got a job behind a bar in new online TV show, The Fox Problem!

by Anna Howell

Made In Chelsea star, Ollie Locke, has taken a new job working behind a bar as part of a new online TV show!

The star, who has also just begun filming the 5th series of the hit E4 reality show, will play the part of a barman on new online TV show The Fox Problem, a live entertainment show debuting this Tuesday at 7.30pm on Google+ Hangouts.

Hosted by Gemma Cairney, Georgia Lewis Anderson and Georgie Okell, The Fox Problem will be set in East London pub The Birdcage and will see Ollie pouring drinks to celebrity guests as they chat to him as well as giving advice to audience members.

The show can be interjected by the public who can tweet in questions to Ollie throughout the broadcast by following @TheFoxProblem on social networking site, Twitter.

Looks like Ollie is going to be a very busy boy what with this new show, filming for the new series of Made In Chelsea, and having a new girlfriend!

Fans of the hit show will know how Ollie was left devastated last series when his ex, Gabriella Ellis quit the show and headed off for pastures new during last year’s Christmas special.

However, he wasn’t left weeping for too long as, no sooner had she been dumped by Francis Boulle, Ashley James swept in and offered him a shoulder to cry on.

Francis with both Ashley and Sophia in series 3

Ashley was introduced to the show last series when she began dating Ollie’s co-star Francis after meeting him at a speed dating event.

Of course we all knew that Francis was actually in love with Sophia Sassoon, who was seeing his best friend Oliver Proudlock, so when she realised that she would rather be with Francis none of us were surprised when Francis dropped Ashley like a hot potato.

But all’s well that ends well (apart from for poor Proudlock unfortunately who remains dumped and single) as Ashley and Ollie have since become a couple.

Speaking to Star magazine last month, Ollie confirmed the happy news:

“I’m fantastic. I have a girlfriend now!

“Her name is Ashley James – she was in the last series of ‘Made in Chelsea’, and she’ll be in the next one, too. Her and Cheska [Hull] get on great, so that’s really fantastic.”

“I’m straight! Well, for the moment anyway! We’ve kept it secret for two-and-a-half months because I like to know it’s the real deal – and I just don’t want to embarrass myself.

“I’ve had three relationships so far and two break-ups. If this one goes badly – which I really hope it doesn’t – then maybe I’ll try and get a boyfriend!

“She knows who I am. I’ve been on dates with guys throughout ‘Made in Chelsea’ but I find it really hard to connect and make things last long. I hope this one lasts longer.”


Ollie is no stranger to answering questions from fans, watch him in the clip below doing exactly that:

Made In Chelsea is due to return this spring to E4.