Made In Chelsea: Ollie Locke says watching Spencer Matthews and Lucy Watson is like watching witches round a cauldron!

by Anna Howell


After pictures of Made In Chelsea star Ollie Locke kissing a mystery man in a nightclub began circulating, we were all left a little confused.

Fans of the hit E4 reality show will know how Ollie was involved in a serious relationship with Gabriella Ellis when the show first began in 2010.

That in itself was a bit of a shock as, with hair longer and in better condition than most of his female co-stars, Ollie seemed to be quite clearly gay.

So it was no surprise when he ended things with Gabs, declaring that he was bisexual and wanted to try a relationship with a man.

However, after only one failed attempt at a date Ollie then moved on to Chloe Green, who was very apparently female.


And he has most recently been linked to co-star Ashley James, with both sides saying how much they thought of one another.  Before they announced recently that they had in fact split, due in part to Ashley’s suspicion and paranoia when it came to Ollie’s close friend, Oscar.

So is he straight, gay or bi?  Ollie has been revealing all to Star magazine about why the couple split:

“Where do I start? We ended up arguing over silly things and it basically just didn’t work. My libido was completely f**ked. I just didn’t want to have sex.”


However, he insists that his lack of libido was not down to his sexuality:

“It was nothing to do with that, I just didn’t want to do anything – I had no libido. With everything going on with Oscar, Ashley may have thought that. Maybe she thinks me being bi is behind that,however much I said it wasn’t.

“It wasn’t that it (the sex) wasn’t good, I had no libido. I asked all my friends off-camera and they all admitted it happened to them. Her mind would have run wild thinking I was gay, or she wasn’t sexy enough. That’s damaging for her, so it’s not fair on her in the end.”


So, the big question, is he straight, bi, or gay?

“Bisexuality is me and that will always be the case. I’ve tried to push myself to be gay, but then a beautiful woman comes up to me and wants to have sex with me, and I can’t say no! It’s a hard life.

“The whole country thinks I’m gay. I get so many Tweets every day telling me to come out of the closet. If I could, then I would. But I’m just not there, I’m really not. I am not lying to anyone, I am not gay. I still have amazing relationships with women.”

However, when he does find the man, or woman of his dreams, he won’t be rushing them on to the show:

“I wouldn’t rule that out. But it would need to be someone I was comfortable being with. I’d need to be with them before I took them on camera. People throw themselves at me because they want to be on the show!

“It’s just not me, it really isn’t. Cheska [Hull] always jokes that everyone I snog in a club is famehungry. Binky [Felstead] and her are the ultimate protectors!”


Moving off the subject of Ollie’s sexuality, and on to his thoughts on his co-star Spencer Matthews new relationship with Lucy Watson, Ollie commented:

“They’re so watchable and intriguing because they are evil! They are like witches around a cauldron.”

But he does not condone Spencer’s behaviour:

“Cheating’s the worst thing. I’ve been through so many relationships, I have a doctorate in it! I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.”

And as for the future, Ollie concluded:

“I have no intention of leaving the show right now.

“This has been a drama-filled series. I told the producers I want to do more comedy. I want to make people laugh.”

Read the full interview in this week’s Star magazine – out now!