Made In Chelsea: Ollie Locke spotted out on a date with Francis Boulle’s ex, Ashley James!

by Anna Howell

After declaring last series that he finally wanted to settle down with a woman, it would seem that Made In Chelsea’s Ollie Locke has had his wish granted!

Ollie, who famously decided in series one that he no longer wanted to go out with co-star, Gabriella Ellis as he had decided he wanted a boyfriend instead, has been pictured in today’s Daily Mail newspaper out on what looked like a date with his co-star, Francis Boulle’s ex, Ashley James!

Fans of the hit E4 reality show will know how diamond dealer Francis met Ashley whilst speed-dating to get over his infatuation with fellow cast mate, Sophia Sassoon.

Francis had developed deep, and obvious (to most of us anyway) feelings for Sophia since she returned to Chelsea after working in New York, but when she stated seeing his best friend, Oliver Proudlock, he was forced to admit defeat and start looking elsewhere.

Francis with both Ashley and Sophia in series 3

Francis with both Ashley and Sophia in series 3

He and Ashley hit it off from the start, and seemed like they were heading for something serious when Sophia, who finally realised that Francis liked her, ended her relationship with Proudlock as she too had feelings for Francis.

Francis responded to this by dumping Ashley and walking off into the sunset with Sophia, with Ashley left to become a long lost memory, or so he thought…

This is the first time that Ollie has been romantically linked to a woman since his brief romance with Made In Chelsea cast mate and Topshop heiress Chloe Green, except for a brief Amsterdam fling with Gabriella during last series.
We had all hoped that when, after weeks of flirting (which was amazing in itself given the nasty break up they went through) Ollie announced to the rest of the cast that he had bedded aspiring singer, Gabriella, again on the short trip, that they may be set to get back together.

However, when Ollie made it abundantly clear that this would never happen, heartbroken Gabriella shocked everyone by announcing her decision to quit the show at the end of last year’s Christmas special.

But it would seem that, despite appearing heartbroken at the time, Ollie somehow managed to get over this, if today’s pictures are anything to go by!

Ollie and Ashley, who classes herself as a TV presenter on social networking site Twitter, were spotted together getting into the back of a black London cab, with Ollie placing a protective arm around Ashley’s shoulder.

The pair had, earlier that same night, been out at the Sloane Set’s favourite hangout, Raffles, with Locke taking to Twitter to inform fans: ‘Trying to look cool in a nightclub… Little do they know I’m wearing long-johns!!!’ he tweeted.

Then the next day Ollie took to the site again to describe his hangover, tweeting: ‘I definitely got pissed last night.. For the plain reason that no great story started with eating a salad!’

Made In Chelsea returns for series 4 this autumn, if you missed the Christmas special last year, catch up below: