Made In Chelsea: Series 5 confirmed for next month, and cast discuss their 7 deadly sins from last series!

by Anna Howell

Is it the moment all Made In Chelsea fans have been waiting for, confirmation that the show will return to our E4 screens next month, along with some juicy details to keep you interested till then.

Fans of the hit E4 show will know how last series, which ended at Christmas last year, saw many a drama, tantrum and controversy, along with a few heated words,  a big slap in the Macintosh and a happy ending for Francis Boulle and Sophia Sassoon.

When we left the Chelsea elite gang last year Spencer Matthews had been accused of cheating on girlfriend Louise Thompson with at least one other person, as well as being caught out seeing his Russian ex Funda Onal behind her back also.

Francis Boulle informed Thompson’s best friend Millie Macintosh of this information before walking off into the sunset with Sophia Sassoon, which resulted in a huge showdown between Matthews and Mackintosh during which Millie screamed obscenities at the former Bachelor star, and slapped him hard across the face!

Matthews strenuously denied the allegations, claiming he was so angry at being accused he was physically shaking. However, during the season wrap party hosted by Rick Edwards on E4 on New Year’s Eve, it transpired that the notorious lothario had indeed admitted to the crimes after filming, but Louise Thompson, surprisingly, had forgiven him and the pair were trying to move on in their relationship.

So, it is with bated breath and much anticipation, fans of the show await the arrival of series 5 which, we have had confirmed today, will be on our screens next month.

Series 5 will return with the original cast, minus Gabriella Ellis who sensationally quit at the end of last series, along with some new faces too!

In the new series we will meet sisters Fran and Olivia, designer Josh Combs and fashionista Phoebe Phoebe-Lettice Thompson.

Make-up artist and party girl Olivia is the younger sister of Francesca who will set to give Lucy Watson a run for her money with regards to the male attention. Already acquainted with Millie Mackintosh and her party scene, Olivia is already well known amongst Chelsea’s social circuit.

Fran is Olivia’s older, slightly more sensible and sometimes over protective big sister, who knows Andy Jordan from their time together at Leeds University.

Also in the cast is Olivia’s best friend Phoebe who is a fashion assistant at Tatler and comes complete with an on-off-on-again relationship with fellow new cast member Josh.

Josh, who is clearly much more into the relationship then Phoebe, has worked with Oliver Proudlock in the past, although he is currently setting up his own design business.

Ashley James, as fans will know first appeared last series as a love interest for Francis Boulle before he and Sophia got together after they met at a speed dating event last series, returns in series five, this time on the arm of Francis’ co-star Ollie Locke.

Also returning this series is Lucy Watson, the self-confessed player who caused havoc amongst the glamorous SW3 elites, especially Jamie Laing, Andy Jordan, and lastly Spencer Matthews.

Regular faces returning this series, you will be happy to know, include Francis Boulle, Richard Dinan, Binky Felstead, Rosie Fortescue, Victoria Baker Harber, Cheska Hull, Stevie Johnson, Andy Jordan, Jamie Laing, Ollie Locke, Millie Macintosh, Spencer Matthews, Ollie Proudlock, Louise Thompson and Mark-Francis Vandelli.

In the meantime, seven members of the Made In Chelsea cast have come together to talk openly about their past experiences.

Based on the Seven Deadly Sins, Jamie, Ashley, Carly, Rosie, Lucy, Millie and Francis reflect on the behaviour that crafted some of series four’s most memorable moments:

Wrath (Jamie) – Spencer and Andy discuss Spencer’s angry attitude towards Andy as he continued to pursue Louise. The pair discuss in detail the impact of Andy’s actions and Spencer admits that he regrets the way he responded and behaved.

Greed (Ashley) – Jamie and Cheska talk about their expensive shopping sprees, lavish holidays and excessive partying. Plus what it is about Chelsea that makes people want to spend spend spend!

Sloth (Carly) – Jamie explains how this sin is close to home as he chats to Binky about their relationship. He reflects on the way he treated her and their friendship when he was confused about his emotions.

Pride (Rosie) – Lucy, Andy and Jamie come together to discuss the biggest love triangle of series four. Andy opens up about how his pride was damaged when Lucy dumped him and Lucy and Jamie reflect on their catty behaviour towards one another, realising that both were in the wrong.

Lust (Lucy) – Gabriella and Ollie sit down to evaluate the sense of lust they both felt when they decided to get together in Amsterdam and discuss how their actions had tragic consequences.

Envy (Millie) – Looking back at another of last series’ love triangles, Francis and Proudlock discuss the ‘Sophia’ situation. Francis admits that he was envious of Proudlock and Sophia’s relationship and the boys discuss how Francis could have dealt with his feelings of envy in a better way.

Gluttony (Francis) – We hear both Proudlock and Binky reflect on their gluttonous behaviour with alcohol. Talking about their actions post-excessive drinking, they learn that neither would have carried out the same behaviour sober.

Made In Chelsea: Seven Deadly Sins was commissioned by Channel 4 Education, who aim to reflect and celebrate the teenage coming of age experience and help young people through the problems, pitfalls and pressures of growing up. As Made in Chelsea is a huge success with this audience, C4 Education asked the cast to talk openly and frankly about their experiences, to help provoke debate on how to handle some of the most common teenage issues.

To watch the full video of Made In Chelsea: Seven Deadly Sins, below:

Made In Chelsea, Channel 4’s biggest non-scripted success story, will return to our screens next month on E4 – we will announce more details as they are revealed!