Made In Chelsea Series 6: New cast photos for series emerge WITHOUT Jamie Laing!!

by Anna Howell


With filming for the new series well underway, Made In Chelsea star Rosie Fortescue has taken to social networking site, Twitter, to give us a glimpse of what we have in store for us.

Fans of the BAFTA award-winning E4 reality have all been waiting on the edge of our seats for the new series after all the drama of the last one, wondering just how the land lays with our favourite poshos now!

Last series we saw the relationship between Spencer Matthews and Louise Thompson finally fall apart after it emerged that his cheating spree, which had earned him a now infamous slap from Millie Mackintosh last Christmas, had escalated to the point that he had even done the dirty on Louise in her own bed!

Following their split Thompson ran straight to the arms of Matthews’ arch-nemesis, Andy Jordan, whilst Matthews’ ran straight into the arms of Thompson’s arch-nemesis, Lucy Watson.

Spencer dumping Louise

Spencer dumping Louise

spencer-lucy-1 louise-andy-1

The rest of the series, which we are sure featured other members of cast and other storylines but which we couldn’t possibly put our fingers on right now, saw the two relationships blossom to the point that Louise ended up spending a night with a mystery man who may or may not have been One Direction’s Niall Horan, and Matthews’ admitting to cheating on Watson a few days before the wrap party.

So with that in mind, and the fact that Millie Mackintosh has quit to go on tour with her husband to be Professor Green, we are all wondering just which faces we will be seeing this series, and whether they will be happy ones.

As we reported last week one surprise person already spotted filming is Matthews’ latest squeeze, The Hills star Stephanie Pratt, but what else can we expect?


Rosie didn’t say much on her Twitter page, but did share the picture above of the cast posing for what looks like the new series head shots, and from what we can tell it includes Ollie Locke (far right) who had been rumoured to not be returning this series at all!

Also spotted in the picture (which we have to say isn’t the best quality we have ever seen) we can see Mark Francis (yay, he is by far our fav), Victoria, Rosie, Proudlock and Spencer as well as three other girls (one of which looks very much like Millie, but we know it can’t be her) who could be Lucy, Binky and Cheska or Stephanie – it is too hard to tell!


One person notably NOT in the picture, however, is Jamie Laing who, with hair and teeth as bright as his, could never be mistaken for anyone else – So what could this mean?

Surely Jamie hasn’t left? Knowing him, and how vocally he suffers from foot-in-mouth syndrome we can’t imagine that he has quit without our knowledge which leads us to the conclusion that he must be either under a pile of coats in a hotel room somewhere sleeping off the bar bill from the night before, or skiing or what not!

Either way we don’t have much longer to wait as made In Chelsea is due to return to our E4 screens this autumn – If you missed the last series After Party episode, catch up in the clip below: