After choosing Khloe Evans on The Bachelor, Spencer Matthews is spotted holding hands with Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson

by Anna Howell

Oo-er, the plot thickens!

Barely a week has gone past since Spencer Matthews publicly chose Khloe Evans as the winner of these years The Bachelor, and his new arm candy, but ever since rumours have surrounded the pair on authenticity of their relationship.

First of all Khloe revealed that the pair had split only a few hours after Matthews had declared her his new BGF, which was aired 7 weeks after it was filmed on location, stating Matthews involvement with ex-girlfriend, his Made In Chelsea co-star, Louise Thompson, as the reasons behind the break-up.

Fans of the hit E4 reality show will know how Matthews and Thompson got together, rather controversially, on a trip to Dubai during the last series, despite Thompson being involved with Matthews best friend, and MIC co-star, Jamie Laing.

The pair returned from their hols to a barrage of hate following their betrayal of poor Jamie, but declared they didn’t care as this time their love was the real deal. And it was, for three weeks, when all of a sudden they split up, citing mutual agreement, but then literally days later Matthews had announced that he would be taking part in this year’s The Bachelor.

This left a bitter taste in Thompsons mouth and she spent the next month or so telling anyone who would listen that Matthews would never find real love on the hit Channel 5 reality dating show as they were still secretly together, which made viewing figures of the show, made so famous the previous year by rugby ace, Gavin Henson, drop lower than Spencer’s moral compass!

When the show ended Khloe declared she wanted nothing more to do with the notorious lothario because of his repeated involvement with Thompson and was then pictured snogging the face off The Only Way Is Essex star, Tom Pearce.

Spencer declared how disappointed he was over the pictures, as well as saying how he had hoped their relationship would blossom now that the shows seven week ban on them spending time together had been lifted, but that he was left deeply upset by her betrayal.

Not that upset though, it would seem, as pictures in today’s Daily Mail newspaper have shown him on set filming the new series of Made In Chelsea holding hands with a female co-star, and you will never guess which one!!!

If ever there was proof that Matthews and Thompson are officially back together, it is this! The picture shows the couple strolling through a London park, hand in hand, like loves young dream.

A friend of Spencer’s told MailOnline: “They’re really good friends, and they’re together a lot because of filming Made In Chelsea.

“They’re very close friends.”

Very close it would seem, and we can’t help but wonder just what Khloe, who is deeply scorned for being blamed for the relationship break down after that TOWIE tonsil tennis match, will react when she sees her prize in such a brazen display of public affection with his ex!

Speaking to Now magazine earlier this week, the PA admitted: “I just feel disappointed because normally I’m a shy person and if I am in a relationship, I will give you 100 per cent.

“I would have done anything for him but to just come home and not hear from him… It’s a knockdown. I’m the fool aren’t I? I believed it.’

Spencer and Khloe in happier times (approx 90 days ago!)

Whilst a friend of Spencer’s told MailOnline: “Spencer was looking forward to getting to know Khloe properly away from the cameras once they got back to Britain.

“However, when he saw photos of her all over Tom Pearce on the internet literally days after the wrap party, he was pretty shocked and surprised to say the least.

“The fact she couldn’t remain faithful to him less than a week after the show ended convinced Spencer there was no future together.”

Khloe is far from happy with the buck being passed to her though, and took to social networking site, Twitter to get her side across, simply tweeting:

‘All am saying #louiseandspencer goodnite :D.’

Never one to miss an opportunity to gloat (we doubt she has many though, to be fair) Louise hit back on her own Twitter site to rub Khloe’s nose in it, ever so slightly, tweeting:

‘today i sent someone 25 cream roses,’ before adding, ‘pick up the phone boyfriend.’

Spencer, at this point, remains incredibly silent!