Made In Chelsea: Spencer Matthews calls Khloe Evans a mistake!

by Anna Howell

Another day another Spencer Matthews headline!

And this time it is The Bachelor himself who is speaking out and slamming his briefest (and for him, that’s saying something) relationship to date!

Made In Chelsea and The Bachelor fans will know how Matthews split with his MIC girlfriend, Louise Thompson, a matter of weeks after he stole her from his best friend, and MIC co-star, Jamie Laing, and literally days before announcing his intention to star in this year’s Channel 5 reality dating show.

Throughout the competition Louise Thompson insistently claimed that she was still secretly dating the notorious Chelsea man-about-town, which put a dampener on the contestants, and the viewing figures.

Spencer and Khloe in happier times (approx 90 days ago!)

Matthews went on to pick Khloe Evans as his winner, but then hours later, she claims, they split up with her citing his complicated relationship with Thompson as a reason.

The pair were banned from seeing each other for the 7 weeks between the filming and airing of the final, during which Khloe wasted no time in hooking up with The Only Way Is Essex star, Tom Pearce. Meanwhile, since all this has come to light, Matthews has been spotted on the set of Made In Chelsea holding hands with, yep you guessed it, Louise Thompson!

However, Spencer has now branded Khloe a mistake, and claimed the reason that their relationship did not work out was due to Khloe’s Essex encounter, telling Mr Paparazzi:

“I’d like to think I was a gentlemen. I’d never leave anyone at the airport or just lose touch on purpose.

“As my contract had determined for me I had the whole thing on ice and unfortunately she went out and pulled Tom Pearce, so I don’t think she deserves a second chance.”

“It’s not like we had something extremely serious once The Bachelor finished. We spent ten weeks together but I was also dating 23 other girls.

“I was looking forward to getting to know her better and possibly developing what could have been a relationship, but if you’re going to do that in the early stages it obviously wouldn’t have worked.”

The reality star then went on to discuss the much anticipated fourth-series of the hit E4 reality show, Made In Chelsea, calling it “best opening episode yet” as well as saying the first episode in particular is very dramatic, emotional and threatening and features lots of new faces!

Watch Matthews discussing his relationship with Khloe, before he saw the pictures of her and Tom Pearce, in the clip below: