Made In Chelsea: Spencer Matthews falls out with Andy Jordan over Louise Thompson!

by Anna Howell

Now that is has been officially announced by Jamie Laing that his Made In Chelsea co-stars, Spencer Matthews and Louise Thompson are officially back together, it will come as no surprise that Spencer has had a bit of a falling out with new cast member, Andy Jordan, for hitting on Louise!

Fans of the hit E4 reality show will know how after a turbulent summer, Louise, who used to go out with Jamie Laing before callously cheating on him with his best friend, is  in the middle of a reconciliation with her ex, Spencer Matthews.

Matthews and Thompson split up after only a few weeks of getting together during a trip to Dubai in the last series, whilst Louise was still seeing Laing. Soon after their split it was announced that Matthews was to take part in this year’s Channel 5 dating show, The Bachelor, but when that went horribly wrong, it seemed that romance may be back on the cards for the former love birds.

In the trailer for the new series, available on the E4 website, shows Matthews and Thompson looking very cosy and flirty, so it came as rather a shock today to find out that new cast member, Andy, should try his luck with Thompson at the beginning of the series.

According to the Sun newspaper a few days ago, a spoiler clip shows Andy attempting to chat up Louise on holiday. However, Thompson, who it turns out now IS back with Matthews, respectfully declines his advances.

Andy, who is a friend of Jamie Laing, attempts to introduce himself to Thompson by saying that he has “always wanted to say hello”, then enquires as to whether she is seeing anyone (we would all love to know that, Andy!)

Approaching Thompson at the resort, he says: “Jamie mentioned that you were sort of going through an on-off time with a boyfriend. You’ve got a boyfriend?”

Louise reveals: “Well I don’t know, we’re kind of trying to figure that one out at the moment.

“He’s been away for a while, we’ve kind of spent most of the summer apart.”

Andy says: “He must be quite a guy?”

To which Louise, who is reportedly back seeing co-star Spencer Matthews after his stint on dating show The Bachelor earlier this year, replies: “He’s quite some guy. He’s a naughty one.”

Andy then tells the brunette: “I guess it’s a bit of shame in your present situation, it sort of takes you off the market, it sort of doesn’t.”

Then, not too put off by the rejection, he concludes by saying: “So listen this has been lovely, and it was very nice to meet you, I’ve always been attracted from afar.

“I hope you don’t patch things up too well.”

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Spencer wasted no time in warning off the newcomer, declaring that he “loves” Louise and to back off!

In a spoiler clip released yesterday, Spencer can be seen confronting Andy, saying:”You said something to my girlfriend that I really didn’t really appreciate.”

“I can tell you right now, man to man, [our relationship] is fine. I care about her. I love her… You should respect that. We are solid.”

Adding: “If you want to crack on to her and go head to head, you’re going to f***ing lose

“If you f***ing go near her again, it’s going to f*** up.”

We love a bit of tension on our Made In Chelsea screens, and simply can’t wait to see this all unfold on October 15th, not to mention future desputes involving Matthews, Thompson and new cast member, Sophia Sassoon, who is another one of Spencer’s many ex’s!

Made In Chelsea returns on Monday October 15 at 10pm on E4.