Made In Chelsea: Spencer Matthews pictured cheating on Stephanie Pratt whilst Lucy Watson blasts their relationship as fake!

by Anna Howell
Twitter/Spencer Matthews

Twitter/Spencer Matthews

Made In Chelsea star Lucy Watson has revealed that she believes her ex, Spencer Matthews’ new relationship with The Hills star Stephanie Pratt is fake – and going by pictures of Spenny kissing a mystery brunette published in today’s Look, she might be right!

Fans of the BAFTA award-winning E4 reality show will know how Spencer and Lucy split up just after the last series when it was revealed that he had cheated on her whilst on holiday in Greece.

Lucy made it very clear that there would be no second chance so Spencer, ever true to form, quickly found another victim to prey on – The Hills star Stephanie Pratt.

The pair have since been pictured out making PDA’s on several occasions and Spenny even tweeted about missing the reality star, whose brother Spencer took part in last year’s Celebrity Big Brother, after she flew back to America.


But according to Lucy it is all a show for fame!

Discussing her ex’s new relationship with new! magazine, Lucy explained:

“I don’t really care if they’re together. They’re obviously quite fame-hungry and desperate for attention.

“Spencer knows I’m serious when I say there’s no chance of us getting back together, so there’s no point in him trying to win me back.

“Normally I cut exes out of my life so I don’t know what they’re up to, but with Spencer it’s difficult because he’s trying to be pictured as much as possible with Stephanie.”


With regards to how she found out that Spencer had done the dirty on her in Greece, she continued:

“It’s a really small island and everyone knows. All these people were coming up to me and talking to me about it.
“Someone showed me a picture of the girl and she is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. It literally made me laugh.

“For Spencer, any hole’s a goal. I think he just sees it as meaningless sex.”

This is something that we think Stephanie Pratt may agree with if she has a look at today’s pictures in Look!

According to the entertainment site Spencer has been caught red-handed kissing a mystery woman who was most definitely NOT Pratt at this year’s Henley Royal Regatta.


The pictures show a rather steamy and intimate moment between Spencer and the woman (who does bare more than an uncanny resemblance to his ex Louise Thompson) at the Mahiki VIP lounge, where she didn’t seem to care who saw her kissing him!

We don’t know about you, but we already can’t wait for the 6th series to begin so we can see all the fireworks that this is bound to ignite!

Made In Chelsea returns to our E4 screens later this year – catch up with Series’ 5 end of series party in the window below: