Made In Chelsea: Spencer Matthews says he made a terrible mistake cheating on Louise Thompson!

by Anna Howell

Made In Chelsea fans all watched with open mouths when, during the Christmas special, Millie Mackintosh slapped Spencer Matthews round the face amidst a torrent of foul mouthed abuse after Francis Boulle informed her that the notorious lothario had been cheating on his girlfriend, Louise Thompson.

Ever noble Francis, who had just won the love of his life Sophia Sassoon, could no longer take the hypocrisy of Matthews, who had stolen Thompson from his best friend, Jamie Laing in series three, any longer and told both Millie and Rosie that Spencer had been seeing his Russian ex-girlfriend in secret, and that he had slept with at least one other girl behind Thompson’s back, before walking off into the sunset with Sassoon.

This prompted the slap from Millie, who is dating UK rap sensation Professor Green, whilst she confronted Matthews about the accusation in front of Louise, who looked devastated and wept on her friends shoulder whilst Spencer denied it whole-heartedly and admitted that he was “so angry” that people were telling lies about him that he was “physically shaking.”

However, during the New Year’s Eve wrap show, hosted by Rick Edwards, Spencer finally admitted that he had “fully cheated on Louise” but that she had forgiven him and they were moving on.

Louise was quick to point out that she hadn’t forgiven him, but was trying to, then used the platform to air her not-so-high opinion of Matthews and his behaviour towards her during the last series, prompting him to say: “Why are you saying all this now, you told me how much you loved me in bed this morning and now it is like we are on the Jeremy Kyle show.”

The pair then spent the New Year together at Matthews’ father’s hotel in St Barts, where they reportedly have smoothed things over between them, once and for all, with Spencer even admitting he was in the wrong!

Speaking to Hello! magazine, Matthews admitted:  “I made a terrible mistake, which I regret to this day,

“I never wanted to end things with Louise.”

The reality star, whose dishonest antics on last year’s Channel 5 relaity dating show, The Bachelor, have contributed to the show being axed, then went on to blame his on-camera lies on the pressures of filming Made In Chelsea, and the intensity of Louise’s friends, adding:

“I know I lied about cheating on her initially, but when you have girls screaming at you, Millie Mackintosh slapping you and five cameras in your face, your first point is defence,

“I wish I had played that differently now, but we have talked things out, I’ve explained and Louise knows I am deeply sorry.”

Louise added: “My mum Karen and brother Sam were pretty angry with him. But my mum loves Spencer and they are rational people.

“They know if we are trying to sort things out there is no point in dwelling on the past.”

Watch the Made In Chelsea End Of Series party in the clip below: