Made in Chelsea’s Louise Thompson reveals she has a crush on Niall Horan and the One Direction lads share Nando’s with TOWIE’s Arg

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Made in Chelsea’s Louise Thompson has revealed she would like to “share a Coke” with one of the One Direction lads!

Speaking to New! Online at the Share a Coke event last night, the Made in Chelsea beauty revealed she has a ‘thing’ for One Direction’s Niall Horan, she even went as far to she she’d share a Coke with him…

She said: “I would share a Coke with Niall from One Direction because I have a massive crush on him. But shhh, that’s a secret!”

Now, we’re not sure whether the whole ‘sharing a Coke’ thing is an innuendo or a youthamism, but we’ll take it how we see it!

Meanwhile, it seems the lads have found themselves a new friend in TOWIE’s Arg.

In a recent interview, Arg recalled how he once met the lads backstage at he filming of Take Me Out: The Gossip. He was over the moon when they shared their Nando’s with him – and we all know how you get to Arg’s heart… through his belly!

The TOWIE star revealed he was taken aback by how friendly and hospitable the lads were.

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He explained: “I got a call from Mark [Wright] one Sunday saying he was at ITV filming Take Me Out: The Gossip. [He] asked if I could go down and chill with him in the dressing room because he was so bored (hmm…). I was like “I dunno mate, I’m really tired, it’s a long way to come.

“Then my manager rang me and told me One Direction was there – I was straight in a cab. I bumped into them in the corridor and got invited into their dressing room. They are fans of TOWIE and they shared their Nando’s and beer and were the most lovely guys ever.”

mark wright

Louise, if you want Niall, I suggest you make a move now before Arg does, it seems he has a little crush on the band!

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