Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson says Jamie Laing/Spencer Matthews love triangle was hard on her!

by Anna Howell

After what feels like years of the Spencer Matthews show dominating our headlines, his ex-girlfriend, and Made In Chelsea co-star, Louise Thompson, has said that she has found the whole thing rather difficult!

Fans of the hit E4 reality show will know how Matthews and Thompson got together during a birthday trip to Dubai at the end of the last series of the show, despite Thompson already being involved with Matthew’s best friend, and MIC co-star, Jamie Laing.

They returned to the UK to a barrage of hate but insisted it was worth braving the storm over as this time their love was the real deal.

They then split three weeks later, citing mutual agreement, yet a matter of days afterwards Matthews revealed that he was to star in this year’s Channel 5 reality dating show, The Bachelor!

Scorned Thompson then spent the entirety of his time on the show claiming that they were still in fact a couple secretly, which resulted in a huge slump in viewing figures, and an easy way to excuse rejection from each contestant eliminated by Spencer in the show.

Spencer and Khloe in happier times (approx 90 days ago!)

Matthews went on to pick Khloe Evans as his winner, which surprised anyone who was still watching the show, as runner up Tabby Richards had been the firm favourite!

Since then, Khloe has revealed that she ditched Matthews hours after he announced her as the winner due to his complicated relationship with Thompson as the reason, just before pictures showing her snogging the face off of The Only Way Is Essex star, Tom Pearce, began doing the media rounds.

Since then the big question on every MIC fan’s lips is will Spencer and Louise get back together?

Pictures of them holding hands, and cryptic Twitter messages certainly added fuel to the fire, but whilst Louise is still remaining coy about her relationship with Spencer, she has confirmed she is seeing someone, as well as saying the whole sorry affair has been really hard on her (not as hard as it was for Jamie we imagine!)

Speaking at last night’s TV Choice Awards, Louise told Yahoo! OMG: “I think it was really difficult because with me and Jamie it was the beginning of a relationship. For that all to start through the show was quite tough.

“If you’ve known someone for ages and you’ve already got loads of chemistry off camera then its fine. If you’re in a solid relationship then it’s easy to film and you’re comfortable with the cameras, and you can discuss what you’re comfortable with filming. It was hard.”

However, it doesn’t seem to have put her off public romances, as she went on to add:

“I’m kind of seeing someone. Someone we know from show already? Possibly. It’s someone in the public eye.”

So, is it likely to be Spencer? her co-star Millie Mackintosh certainly seems to think it could be.

At the same event, she commented: “There’s definitely still drama going on between Louise and Spencer which has been quite focal.”