Made In Cheslea: Kimberley Garner has a near nipple slip, Millie Mackintosh and Rosie Fortescue put aside their differences and pose in identical jackets, and Professor Green goes to great lengths to avoid the MIC cameras!

by Anna Howell

Considering she is attempting to make a name for herself as a fashion designer, and wears her own creations when she can to red carpet events, we can’t help but think that former Made In Chelsea star, Kimberley Garner is seriously cringing after her latest fashion faux pas!

The reality TV star revealed a little more than intended as she arrived at the Jeans For Genes party on Tuesday night, in a gaping, backless halter top.

Kimberley was pictured clutching the front of the top in a bid to maintain her modesty as she posed for photographers outside London’s W Hotel, where fellow celebs including TOWIE’s Lauren Goodger, Jess Wright, Lucy Mecklenburgh and Mario Falcone were also attending!

Despite her gallant attempts, the top gave way to reveal her ‘side boob’ just as the cameras went ‘click’!

Earlier that day, Kimberley took to social networking site, Twitter, to tweet to fans that she was struggling to find an appropriate outfit for the event, tweeting:

‘@JeansforGenes really looking forward to the party tonight! About to raid my wardrobe for denim :)’

And the reality star can’t even blame the mishap on alcohol, as she had told her followers previously that she was avoiding any booze due to a chest infection!

She tweeted: ‘Turns out I have a chest infection- antibiotics for me 🙁 looking on the bright side, it has made my voice husky and sexy haha #glasshalffull.’

She seemed to soon get over her public humiliation, however, with a tub of ice-cream, tweeting later: ‘Midnight dmc with my lovely girlies over haagen-dazs after a fab night @jeanforgenes party W hotel :)’

Meanwhile, her former feuding co-stars, Millie Mackintosh and Rosie Fortescue seem to have put their differences behind them as they were napped not just together on set, but wearing identical jackets!

Millie and Rosie fell out spectacularly when Millie found out that Rosie had slept with her former boyfriend, and co-star, Hugo Taylor, behind her back.

Millie, who is now dating hit Brit rapper, Professor Green, even posted the picture, which shows the pair with their arms wrapped around each other, smiling for the camera, on her Twitter page, along with the caption: ‘Matching jackets! @rosiefortescue.’

The pairs differences were aired for all to see during the explosive series two finale of Made In Chelsea last year when a furious, and spiteful, Millie announced her friend and boyfriends betrayal to all their mutual friends over a microphone at a party.

Grabbing a glass of champagne, she toasted Francis Boulle and Mark-Francis Vandelli, who’s birthdays they were celebrating, before adding: ‘A second toast to my best friend Rosie for hooking up with Hugo Taylor when we were together and lying about it.’

Followed, very tongue in cheek, by: ‘Here’s to friendship,’ before storming past Rosie saying: ‘You’re disgusting.’
The later admitted finding out about her boyfriend and best friend’s betrayal had been ‘one of the hardest things’ she’d ever had to go through.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday at the time, the Quality Street heiress admitted the betrayal was one of the hardest things she had ever had to cope with: ‘It was really unpleasant and shocking to find out about Rosie, especially when there were cameras everywhere. It was a nasty surprise and it is still all very raw.

‘I am moving on, I have nothing to say to him. This has given me closure and made me realise that I have to stop pining after him.’

And move on she did, as there isn’t a day goes by without seeing her draped all over her new fella, Professor Green, but after he announced he had no intention of ever going in front of a MIC camera again, after his brief cameo last series, he is sticking to his word, and avoiding the cameras at all costs!

However, now that the hit E4 reality show has started filming for its new series, it would seem that this vow may be harder to keep than he thought, as he took to social networking site, Twitter to announce to his fans:

“Very very funny. Nearly accidentally ended up in MIC again. Thankfully I saw the camera before it saw me. Meetings the bird from work!”

The Prof made the decision to steer clear of his Mrs show after branding the show manipulative earlier this year:

“I actually find it quite weird,” Pro Green told The Daily Star, “but there are people whose job it is to manipulate other people’s lives for the sake of a TV programme.”

“They set up those situations. I am not going on it.” he added.