Marcus and Noirin know you know

noirin and marcus

No sooner was Angel out of the door than Marcus and Noirin sloped off together to discuss who had a gamplan. Wouldn’t you think they’d all get tired of going over that much trodden piece of ground over and over again, but they never seem to do they?

Anyway, their conclusion was that Lisa had the biggest gameplan…

“She’s not friends with anyone” said Marcus, adding, “If she gets on with anyone, then that’s a bonus for her while she’s in here…

“She’s come in here with a gameplan. A mission. The whole thing’s a mission for her. I am getting to think I like her. But if anything happens, she’ll always go back to the gameplan.

“And that’s when you realise that no matter how friendly you are with her, she’ll always drop you and return to the gameplan.”

Noirin heartily agreed;

“She’s done it a few times. As soon as there’s an argument, she’s like, you lot can **** off, I’m gonna do my own thing and I don’t care about anyone.”

The topic of conversation then moved to Sree who it seems also has a gameplan.

“He’s obviously got a gameplan, but her one’s better than his” Noirin said as Marcus nodded away, doing a good impression of the Churchill dog…

“Like, she’s took him under her wing so she can use him. Two extra votes” said Noirin who then mused, “It’s weird how I’ve had my eyes opened to these things.”

What is weird is how they all fought tooth and nail to get to be a part of the game – BB is a game show with a hefty prize after all – but then resent everyone who ‘plays’ the game and all go around saying they aren’t bothered if they win!

Personally, I think Noirin would happily sell her granny to win and maybe she should give some thought to how it looks like her flirting with Marcus equates to knowing that his vote won’t go against her.

I’m really thinking Noirin’s got more faces than a town hall clock at the moment!

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