Mike Philips threatening One Direction’s Niall Horan? Rob Kearney steps in!

mike philips

Mike Philips may have just made the biggest mistake of his time on social media, as he has seemingly laid down a rather big challenge to One Direction star Niall Horan.

Those millions of teenage fans will not be amused!

Niall was livid yesterday when Mike found himself in the middle of a scuffle, as Ireland beat his Welsh rugby team by a massive margin of 26-3 in the Six Nations Cup 2014.

Tensions spilled over as the game neared it’s end in Dublin’s Aviva Stadium and as he watched the game from the comfort of his London home, Horan branded Philips ‘terrible’ and called him a ‘right arrogant idiot’.

The message was retweeted thousands of times, so Mike couldn’t miss the notifications and today he responded, in what some thought was a rather threatening manner.

He replied to the Irish star, posting:

“.@NiallOfficial come down to training in the week big boy. Bring the rest of The Beatles with you”

niall horan 2

Luckily Niall had some pals in the know and Irish rugby star Rob Kearney, who was still celebrating his country’s big win, waded into the row and tweeted Mike saying:

“@mikephillips009 don’t worry @NiallOfficial – I’ve got your back!!”

Niall responded to both men, quipping:

“Cheers pal! he’s ragin sexto beat them on his right foot!”

He continued:

“@mikephillips009 cool story big fella! only go and watch good rugby teams anyway so no thanks ! #wanabeestevejones”

Mike appeared to reign things in then and tried to turn things into a bit of a joke.

He posted:

However his next tweet seemed like a bit of a jibe to us and he continued:

It takes more than that to upset our Nialler though. He tweeted Rob, insisting Mike was wrong to get so aggressive with a 20 year old.

Horan wrote:

“@KearneyRob his comebacks are very good though, natttt !
He’s some man to call out a 20 year old aswell! he’s cool”

But Rob’s clearly trying to smooth the waters and ever the peacemaker, he insisted:

” All a bit of Sunday fun!! Myself and Mike enjoyed a 😘🍻 out last night.Hope you boys got home safe and sound!”

We can only imagine the battering Mike is taking from offended Directioners right now. We’re away to do a bit of a hunt, but we bet he’s already had countless death threats from fans who are livid that he dared to diss their idol.

Go Directioners!

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  1. rosanna on February 9, 2014 at 8:14 pm

    omfg i was bout to go crazy when i read the tittle of the freggin article

  2. Chloe on February 10, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    To be honest, Niall is 100% correct. I’m a massive 1D fan but this MIKE or whatever his name is seems like such a sore loser. And before all those Niall haters out there start something, all I can say is I know my Niall and he wouldnt hurt a fly

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