Miranda Kerr, Lily Allen & Kendall Jenner help Miley Cyrus with that whole unloved thing!

by Lisa McGarry

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Poor old Miley Cyrus was feeling a little bit unloved and neglected this weekend, which is strange considering how many fans, friends and supporters she has these days.

The Wrecking Ball singer owned 2013 with her twerking, her weird singing cats and her naked music videos but despite all the attention it seems that at the heart of it all Miley is just a girl, talking to a boy, wanting to be loved.

OK, so we may have heard that in a film somewhere ……. we have no idea if she’s even been in the same room as a boy this month. We digress!

Cyrus tweeted her fans on Saturday telling them:

“I am human and I need to be loved. Just like everybody else does. ”

How deep!

It turns out the star was quoting lyrics from The Smiths’ hit ‘How Soon Is Now’ and wasn’t making an existential declaration. Phew!

Soon after her melancholy quote, Miley was back on form and thanking her fans for pushing her up to 17m followers on Twitter. She posted:

“OMG! 17 milllllioooonnn ❤️❤️❤️ thxxxx smilerzzzzz”

Katy Perry has 50m, Lady Gaga has 41m but still, we wouldn’t turn our nose up at Miley’s fan base.

It turns out that she’s got quite a few celeb supporters too and this weekend Kendall Jenner showed the love, by posing in a Miley t shirt.

The garment featured a HUGE picture of Cyrus face, with the caption “LOVE Miley” emblazoned on front. It’s not exactly subtle.

“Miley Cyrus on Kendall Jenner,” Love Magazine’s editor-in-chief Katie Grand posted on Instagram.

Just days before stunning model Australian model posed in the same top…. Sisters are doing it for themselves it would seem.

And even Lily Allen has been full of the Miley love of late, and last week the bolshy star spoke out in defence of Cyrus’ bikinis, thongs and crotch displaying outfits, insisting that her ‘banging body’ should be out there for the world to admire.

She’s also pretty sure that Miley’s recent image change and outrageous videos have been the product of her own imagination and not the result of a pr person’s plan.

So less of all that ‘I need to be loved stuff’ Miles. We’d say you’re doing pretty well altogether!

Apart from Kate Winslet….she’s pretty worried about you but hey, we don’t imagine she’s your target audience anyway.

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