Nadine Coyle: Girls Aloud are ‘definitely together, there’s no big story behind our break’

by Lisa McGarry

Nadine Coyle has insisted that Girls Aloud are still ‘definitely’ together and says that they are only enjoying a break at the minute.

The band took a break last year. to allow it’s members to pursue some solo projects. However, for most of this year, Nadine has been plagued by rumours that the other four members are cold shouldering her, or vice versa and that she is planning to leave the group on a permanent basis.

In an interview with RTE’s Ryan Tubridy today (listen to the full audio version below), Nadine denied the reports saying:

“We definitely are [getting back together]. I think it was last year that we worked it all out, this will be our eighth year now and we’d done loads of albums. We’d done a greatest hits album, we’d done another two albums and we just thought that we should take a wee break so everybody could do their own things, whatever that may be. That’s the point we’re at now.”

On her relationship with the Nicola Roberts, Cheryl Cole, Kimberley Walsh and Sarah Harding, Nadine continued:

“We were first of all work colleagues, that then became friends through working with each other. We didn’t know each other before, it was an audition process and it was the group that united us all.”

On whether there are any tensions between her and her bandmates, Nadine added:

‘The truth is it’s all grand and there’s really no big story there.’

So do you think Nadine is being honest with her fans or is she glossing over any problems in Girls Aloud, in a bid to shift more copies of her new album? Leave your comments below.

Insatiable, the album will be available exclusively at Tesco stores from November 8th, the lead single (of the same name) will be released on November 1st.

Lisa McGarry

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