Nathan Sykes hints that The Wanted could be gone for a long time! SHOCK!


So, earlier this year, The Wanted announced that they would be taking a ‘break’ for a while, which is basically a posh word for ‘we’re splitting up’.

Band member, Nathan Sykes has recently spoken out to say that the band will be gone for quite a while before they come back together again. But the question is, will they EVER get back together?

It was reported toward the latter end of last year that things weren’t going too well for the band as sales for both albums and gig tickets had plummeted and they weren’t getting the support that they used to have.

All in all, it resulted in the band announcing that they were going to take a break for a while after their latest tour is over.

The Wanted

However, Sykes isn’t sure that it is JUST a break as in a recent interview, he said that you never know what could happen…

He said that at the moment “it is just a break” and everyone will go off and do their own things for a while as the band have been non-stop for a few years now.

But, he did go on to say that “you never know what’s gonna happen. It could be a long break or it could be a short one, but it’s probably going to be quite a lengthy one if I’m honest”,

It sounds like the lads have sat down and had a really good chinwag about what the next steps are and they’re adamant they don’t want to take just a short break.

Whether the lads will ever get back together or not is a whole different story.

He added that you obviously never know what is going to happen. They may end up going out for a couple of drinks and end up in a recording studio together… beats the usual post-drinks activities then, Nathan?

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