New Biography dishes the dirt on Gary Barlow’s secret love life and JLS set aside 1,000 farewell tickets for family & friends

by Nick Barnes

gary barlow

Even poor Gary Barlow has suffered some heartache in his love life, according to a new biography that is set to dish the dirt on his secret love life!

Biographer Sean Smith is set to release the story of Nicky Ladanowski and Gary Barlow’s super secrt relationship and how she broke his heart – he even wanted 10 kids with her!

Today, Barlow is one of Britain’s most-loved faces on the box but the 42-year-old has suffered his own fair share of heartache in the past as the chart-topping star paid a heavy price when he was younger.

His relationship with now 39-year-old actress Nicky Ladanowski has been kept top secret from his fans and the public alike, but now Sean Smith is set to spill the beans and dish the dirt on good ol’ Barlow.

The section of the biography tells how Take That’s manager imposed a girlfriend ban on the band, but besotted Gary still managed to see Nicky. However, in the end he grew too famous and he and Nicky had to grow apart, according to The Sun.

But, it wasn’t all bad as he’s been married to his current wife, Dawn for the past 13 years.

Smith says: “The problem was neither of them could have foreseen how much bigger Take That were going to become.”

Apparently, Barlow first met Nicky on the street in his hometown of Frodsham in Cheshire and check this out… at the time, he was with his then-girlfriend. He dropped her off at home and went to track down the mystery girl that had stolen his heart.

Smith adds: “She was slim, blonde and a knockout.

“Gary was taking great care in his personal appearance at this stage.

The X Factor 2013 auditions - London

“He had invested in a sunbed, which he spent a lot of time on, and had what he imagined was the hippest tan in Frodsham.

“He had also invested in a new haircut that required a lot of spray to hold the spikiness in place.

“Their first kiss on the dancefloor of a small nightclub in Warrington was the start of a four-year relationship.”

He even presented Nicky with a diamond ring and told her he wanted to settle down with her. He spoke about “getting married, and having ten children, which made her gulp” – ohh err Gazza. Steady on!

However, one other shocking revelation in the book is that Nicky thought Gary was rude to Robbie Williams from the offset.

“She was alarmed he seemed to be giving Rob a hard time. A pal explained, ‘Nicky thought Gary was quite nasty about Robbie, who she thought was sweet. Robbie was just very young and he irritated Gary because he would never shut up’,” Smith writes in the book.

Poor Gazza had his heart broken, but I’m glad he never had those ten children afterall!

gary barlow jls

Meanwhile, former X Factor finalists JLS have set aside 1,000 tickets to their farewell tour at the O2 in London for family and friends.

“It’s hard to imagine how we are going to feel on the night,” Marvin Humes tells The Sun “Obviously, it’s the O2 – so it’s a great place to have a party. It’s our last show and hopefully we can accommodate everybody at the party afterwards as well.

“It’s such a momentous night for us. One thing about us that we like to party. So it will be no different on the night”.

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Nick Barnes

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  1. JoJo on September 21, 2013 at 9:46 am

    Considering that Gary said the writer has never met or interviewed him, i’m wondering how much of the biography is actually true. One thing for sure is that no true Gary fans will buy the book.

  2. lizzy on September 21, 2013 at 10:14 am

    Even if this is true – and it’s a big if – where’s the “dirt”? What’s so shameful in having had a heartache?

  3. hazel on September 21, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    This is no secret – Gary wrote about Nicky in his book, ‘My Take’ years ago (page 41 if you’re interested – I just checked!), so this is about what a bit-part actress and her friends have to say about something 30 years ago…because that’s so reliable! In case that doesn’t come across – I’m being sarcastic! 😉

  4. G* on September 21, 2013 at 1:49 pm

    There’s some people out there who just can’t work hard on their own, but just using other like Mr. Barlow to get into the limelight and earn some money of it!

  5. Judith on September 21, 2013 at 2:18 pm

    Being an actress does not make her a liar. Not sure about the bit part tag.

    1. s on September 21, 2013 at 2:56 pm

      i take “bit-part” to simply mean that they’re largely unknown to general public…most likely to perhaps generally playing a series of smaller or shorter-lived roles. i certainly don’t know her anyway…gary’s book does say he occasionally used to catch her on corrie or the bill, but i never watched corrie back then. or the bill ever. so…

  6. s on September 21, 2013 at 2:48 pm

    “His relationship with now 39-year-old actress Nicky Ladanowski has been kept top secret from his fans and the public alike”

    hardly. he mentions her by name in his OWN autobiography ‘My Take’. he gives all the details about what happened in there – including how he cheated on his previous girlfriend Heather with her, led them both on, and in the end it was his brother Ian who put a stop to it by bringing Heather round to their house when he knew Gary was with Nicki. He openly stated that he was a teenage love rat and that he was ashamed. he was about 16/17 at the time! oh, and all of this happened BEFORE take that were formed.

    like i said on a previous article, this reeks of someone trying to cash in on his fame and try and make themselves a few quick bob. but as scandalous as they try and make it seem, it’s already been put out there in the open by gary himself, like, 7 years ago. and even if it hadn’t it’s still a non-story. it was >25 years ago ffs.

  7. Meld on September 21, 2013 at 3:04 pm

    I love Gary since Take That and his love life is none of the fans ‘ business !! I love him for his voice , his songs and I always will !!

  8. G* on September 22, 2013 at 2:18 pm

    I don’t care what his past…i love him for what he is! I’m happy for him that he has a lovely wife and kids! I love him as solo artist or with Take That! I only hate when people making him down, even he didn’t done wrong with this people. I hate that he’s judging the xfactor, he just wasted his time, talent and unfortunately also his good reputation! One thing i can’t forgive him is the fact that i also suffered like him, when Robbie humiliated him again and again, but he allowed this shit arrogant, ungrateful, attention seeker to join the gorgeous TT4, and help him to revive his career! Gary is too good for this world! But, still i love him so…

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