I’m A Celebrity 2012: New Queen Of The Jungle, Charlie Brooks, talks about her time in camp, and is reunited with her daughter, Kiki!

by Anna Howell

So it’s the end of another series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, and you, the voting public, have crowned EastEnders actress, Charlie Brooks as your 2012 winner!

For three weeks we have watched 12 celebrities, Eric Bristow, Linda Robson, Rosemary Shrager, Limahl, Brian Conely, Colin Baker, Hugo Taylor, David Haye, Helen Flanagan, Nadine Dorries, Charlie Brooks and Ashley Roberts fight for survival in the Australian outback as part of the tough ITV reality show.

There has been starvation, hissy fits and practical jokes galore, with drama and uncertainty oozing out of every pore, with the only thing remaining definite, was that day by day the camp would get smaller by one.

And get smaller it did! The first public vote out saw Tory MP Nadine Dorries leave the jungle, only to face another one at home as her career was left swinging in the balance after her superiors suspended her for taking part. Next saw Birds of a Feather star, Linda, fly the nest, but as she had been missing her family immensely this wasn’t such a hardship for the cockney gal. After Linda was the turn of 80’s singer Limahl, followed by Coronation Street star, Helen, then former Doctor Who Colin, TV chef, Rosemary, Made In Chelsea star, Hugo, darts champ Eric and then boxing champ, David Haye, who left last night.

Tonight saw the final two contestants, EastEnders actress, Charlie Brooks and Pussy Cat Doll, Ashley Roberts, go head to head for this year’s title of Queen of The Jungle, with Charlie being crowned this years winner.

But before the announcement was made, Ant and Dec asked the soap actress about her time in the jungle.


After watching a montage of some of her jungle highs, and lows, Charlie exclaimed:

“Oh, my god – it just feels so different watching it back, because it doesn’t feel like that, it doesn’t feel like you are doing a TV show when you are in it, you’re are just doing it.”

When asked, after having had the full experience, did she want to be Queen of the Jungle, Charlie replied:

“I think we (Charlie and runner up Ashley) both already are.  It’s been such an amazing experience but I think it is fair to say that we both feel like we just want to be two princesses. “

Charlie admitted that she was a fan of the show before she signed up, but admitted that it was not what she expected:

“I don’t think I really knew what to expect, but it was still harder than I expected.  Apart from the trials, I mean the trials were pretty gross, and that was really difficult, but the longevity of it, the days were very long, and for three whole weeks that can seem forever.  I can remember on like day five thinking ‘holly-moly ‘It’s a marathon, a mental one.

“That’s what was tougher, dealing with the long days, and it was so hot – and you don’t really see that at home, it always looks like it is action packed but there was an awful lot of the time where the majority of us in camp were sat around with not a great deal to do.  “


During her time in the jungle, Charlie took part in her fair share of challenges, but admitted that the last one, final meal – where she had to eat a selection of jungle nasty’s and critters including a live witchetty grub, was by far the worst.

“It was my worst nightmare.  I can’t even watch that one when it is on TV.  Me and my mum heave and then walk out of the room.  So to be faced with it at dinner was absolutely horrendous, but we did it. “

During this particular trial, Charlie had thought she had finished one of the courses, which was a cocktail of blended insects, but when Ant told her that she still had some left, she looked up and muttered “Ant you really are a horrible person”.  Laughing about it now, she explained:

“I really thought I had finished, and you made me slurp every last mouthful out of there.”

On the subject of Charlie’s former campmate, Coronation Street star, Helen Flanagan, who kept the camp from eating for five days when she failed to win any stars or even complete any trials, Charlie commented:

“Everyone kind of babied Helen, but I think in the end it did her a favour when they stopped and they actually said ‘you know what, you are going to have to toughen up, sort yourself out’, and for me it more not that she wasn’t bringing back stars, but I didn’t think she was accomplishing any of her own fears, so I didn’t want her to walk away disappointed, and I was hungry!”

This year the amount of time the campmates had to go without a main meal and survive on their basic rations of rice and beans, broke the shows record, and Charlie, as all her campmates before, admitted that hunger was a real issue in camp.

“We literally had to survive on the rice and beans, which made me vomit one day, for literally four or five days.  I didn’t think I could carry on that way for the whole three weeks. “

One of the biggest controversies throughout this year’s series was the behind the yellow door trial, where, unbeknown to Charlie, one of the treats laying in wait for her as part of a challenge, was her seven year old daughter Kiki, and when Charlie picked the wrong door, ending the game, Kiki was left devastated at being so close to her mum without being able to actually see her.  When Charlie returned to camp and found out what she had missed out on, the nation literally watched her heart snap in two.

However, to make up for their nastiness, Ant and Dec bent the rules slightly and surprised Charlie with an early visit from her daughter, and the two shared an emotional and moving reunion just before the phone lines closed.

When the votes had all been in and counted, Ashley and Charlie sat, surrounded by their former campmates (except Nadine who had to fly back to UK for work, and Brian who had to fly back for panto) waiting patiently  as Dec announced that this year’s winner and Queen of the Jungle, was Charlie!

Well, that is it for another series, have you enjoyed it?  What have been your most memorable moments?  And are you pleased with your new Queen?  Leave your thoughts and comments below!

Watch the moment that Charlie was crowned Queen of the Jungle in the clip below: