Niall Horan gets over Barbara Palvin with Selena Gomez, Harry Styles single? One Direction dating news

by Lisa McGarry
niall selena

niall selena

Niall Horan is reportedly dating Selena Gomez, after taking the brunette beauty on a date last week.

The US star was in London and apparently met with the One Direction hunk at one of Taylor Swift’s O2 gigs in the city and things just went from there.

Niall and Selena first met when he was working in America last year and while some fans were shocked to see him attend a concert put on by his bandmate Harry Styles’ ex, it seems the Irish star may have had an ulterior motive.

Heat magazine claims that Gomez and Horan lived it up after the show at a branch of Nandos – where else? Niall is OBSESSED with chicken after all – after the Little Things singer asked Swift to set them up.

An insider told the publication that the 1D hunk is keen to get over his recent ex Barbara Palvin, who he reportedly split from earlier this month and that he hoped a date with Selena would do the trick.

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niall no crutches

Of course she is still smarting from her Justin Bieber breakup and while it was thought the pair might be back together at the beginning of this year, his exploits with model Chantel Jeffries would suggest otherwise.

Those close to Selena apparently think Niall is the perfect replacement for Biebs, because he’s so gentlemanly and kind.

“He’s so sweet, a total gentleman and 100 per cent not a player like Justin turned out to be,” one said.

So if Niall Horan is no longer single, then who is?

Well Harry Styles reportedly split from his rumoured girlfriend Kendall Jenner recently, though we have to admit he hasn’t looked too upset or affected by the breakup.

liam payne sophia smith

The star jetted back to LA last Thursday but instead of hanging with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, he’s been wining and dining his mum and step dad and introducing them to all sorts of Hollywood stars.

Liam Payne is of course dating brunette beauty Sophia Smith and the pair were spotted shopping and eating out in Wolverhampton yesterday.

Zayn Malik is engaged to Little Mix beauty Perrie Edwards, though he may be less than pleased to hear that she’s been hanging out with some pretty handsome guys at the beach this week.

Louis Tomlinson has been dating Eleanor Calder for more than two years. The student was spotted with Harry Styles’ sister and Liam’s girlfriend at The Brit Awards last week, however she and Tommo haven’t been pictured together in ages.

What do you make of it all 1D fans? Leave your comments below…

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  1. Jade on February 25, 2014 at 11:35 pm

    Whatever floats your boat!

  2. 1db on February 26, 2014 at 1:33 am

    Harry is not single & hasn’t been for 3 years…..

  3. whut on February 27, 2014 at 10:08 pm

    I seen a mistake in the first sentence ‘Niall Horan gets over Barbara Palvin with Selena Gomez’. God forbid, If I broke up with my boyfriend went out with a friend that is male and suddenly it’s because I am getting over him. See? Just because Niall is with one of his friends that happens to be a female, does not mean he is ‘getting over’ Barbara, as you assume. About Taylor Swift too, maybe it’s because he is not judgemental as you. There’s so much more I could comment on, but its not worth my time, stick to your fantasy world.

  4. Nani on February 28, 2014 at 11:20 am

    lots of bullshit.. see it all made by modest.. making up all lies, gossip.. modest ur so cruel. pathethic. leave the boys alone.. a REAL directioner knows that harry and louis are together.. and niall is single.. and narbara, hendall, haylor, even elounor are bullshit.!

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