Niall Horan supports Eoghan Quigg’s Eurovision entry & his penis gag backfires!

by Nick Barnes
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Niall Horan brightens up our afternoons sometimes and today was no different as his predictive text error just made him that much more hilarious!

This morning, Niall was innocently making breakfast when a Twitter user told him not to burn a certain piece of his anatomy. Niall was all ready to fire back with a whitty tweet, when it all kind of flopped…

This morning, Horan tweeted: “gonna make breakfast this morning! absolutely starvin!”

One Twitter user by the name of “@StylesMyFace” replied: “Don’t burn your dick”.

Mr. Horan was all ready to embarrass the Twitter user, but it all kind of backfired when Niall’s predictive text tripped him up.

Horan replied: “I’m making breakfast not standing , my sitting on the oven !”

We presume he was meant to reply with the following: “I’m making breakfast, not sitting on the oven”, but his predictive text got in the way and just RUINED his comeback!

eoghan quigg

After realising his mistake, Niall tweeted again to say that it started off as a “good joke” but predictive text messed him around “yet again” and made him look like a fool.

Ah well, it didn’t take long for Niall to move on as he’s been supporting former X Factor contestant Eoghan Quigg today.

Quigg, who competed on The X Factor in 2008 is currently in the running to support Ireland at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and a certain Mr. Horan is supporting him all the way.

Quigg tweeted back: “Appreciate that so much buddy #Legend #TheMovieSong”.

Niall replied saying it was “no problem bro!” adding that he hopes he gets to support Ireland at Eurovision.

Bromance, anyone? If Quigg is successful in his bid to represent the country, he will be competing against Ruth Lorenzo, who is of course a former X Factor contestant as well.


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