Ohh Em Gee! Did Peter Andre & Amy Childs have a secret ‘steamy’ FLING? Shat appp!

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Get this… it has been reported that former The Only Way is Essex star Amy Childs and (kind of) singer Peter Andre had a super secret fling. Well, it used to be a secret anyway…

The relationship must have been a massive secret as we never heard that the pair had a fling. Turns out, they did and a source has blabbed about EVERYTHING… babes!

The supposed fling was waaaaayyy back in 2011, which was forever since. We’ve slept since then and would have forgotten anyway. So, after Peter Andre split up from former wife Katie Price, both Amy and Peter had a bit of a fling for a few months, but the details are only coming to light now. Like, can you beliebe it honeh’s?

The ultimate INSULT to the whole story is that the source claims Pete only dated Amy to begin with because she reminded him of Katie Price… ohh err!

The source said that Pete hadn’t been in a serious, committed relationship for some time so when his marriage actually crumbled under the pressure of Katie Price’s knockers, he moved onto Amy because she reminded him of Price.

peter andre emily macdonagh

“Amy had always liked Pete and was flattered by the attention he gave her. Things between them were very steamy and they certainly didn’t lack chemistry,” the source added.

Things however, only lasted a few months. Pete must have gotten bored with his knockoff Katie Price and he kicked the TOWIE star to the curb.

But, the source comfortingly added that Amy and Pete actually got on well whilst they were together, but it just didn’t work out in the end.

Anywho, Pete’s all loved up now anyway and has recently welcomed his new baby girl, Amelia to the world.

Sooo, what do you make of this then?  Gobby Amy certainly kept it quiet.

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  1. jo on March 5, 2014 at 7:32 pm

    I suppose this was while Peter was earning a fortune selling stories of his celibacy? Stories about how he was so damaged from his last relationship that he couldn’t possibly think about any other women? Stories about how he just wanted to focus on the kids blah blah blah. Not just a fake family man . . .

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