Olivia Roach disappoints the judges on Got To Dance 2012 semi-final

by Gerard McGarry

Got To Dance semi-finalist Olivia RoachFinal performance of the Got To Dance 2012 semi-final is 16 year old contemporary dancer Olivia Roach. If you remember the early auditions, you’ll know that the Doncaster teenager has overcome scoliosis to secure a place at London’s Rambert Dance School.

The bar has already been set high for Olivia, as Adam Garcia told her at her first audition that of all the contemporary auditions the judges had seen, she was the best.

Before she dances, the judges worry about her ability to connect, to which Olivia responds that she’s intending to bring something special, shocking even. She’s certainly chosen a dynamic piece of music that alternates between sedate and distinctly sassy and showcases diferent sides to her dancing. In the early stages, Olivia stumbles a little bit, but later on impresses with some athletic flips and acrobatic moves.

I just hope that the judges overlook that wobbly beginning. And if she doesn’t succeed on Got To Dance, I totally expect to see Olivia on So You Think You Can Dance.

What did the judges think? Kimberly Wyatt leads the comments “You are an absolutely brilliant technical dancer.” She challenges Olivia to “live in the music”, noting that it was pitch perfect technically but she didn’t feel the music. Adam Garcia says “I cannot deny that you are one of the most extraordinary technicians we’ve seen. It’s like in striving for the perfection of technique, you’re sacrificing soul, what you really want to represent.” Ashley Banjo says that having the ability isn’t enough, it’s “how you use that ability”. All the judges give her red stars, which is really sad.

We can only assume that the judges have a higher standard for contemporary dance. I enjoyed Olivia’s routine immensely, but there was clear room for improvement, and that early unsteadiness cost her dearly. Do you think she deserves to make it through to the finals tonight?

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