Omid Djalili feels like a big ‘pig’ on ITV’s Splash!


Omid Djalili has admitted that he doesn’t feel very graceful when rehearsing his dives for ITV’s new show Splahs.

In the new series a group of celebrities must try to master the art of diving, after being coached by Olympic medal winner Tom Daley and tonight they will display their skills in public for the first time.

The comic will one of the first bunch of stars to appear on the primetime show and he confessed that while he finds the whole experience ‘exhilarating’ he has had more than his fair share of mishaps during practice sessions.

Omid said:

“It’s very exhilarating, but it can also be very painful. Someone told me when I dived off the 7.5 metre board that I looked like hungry pig flying through the air into a massive trough!”

Detailing one unfortunate incident he added:


“I landed on my face and let off a nuclear mushroom of splash. I was so stunned I was flying through the air that I forget to protect myself when I landed. But everyone laughed when I came out of the water so I hope that when I throw myself off a high board in the live shows, people will at least be entertained!”


We cannot wait to see how Omid performs tonight, when he will be judged along with a host of other stars and only one will make it through to the semi final.

Do you think he stands a chance of getting voted through? Leave your comments below…

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