One Direction 2013: Family warned Perrie Edwards to slow down before Zayn Malik cheated!

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Perrie Edwards is having a tough time right now, after even more claims were published at the weekend about the so called love rat behaviour of her boyfriend.

The Little Mix singer only kicked off her first UK tour a few days ago but instead of revelling in the enthusiastic crowd and screaming fans, the blonde beauty is instead trying to deal with the media fallout, after an Australian waitress – Courtney Webb – claimed to have slept with One Direction’s Zayn Malik last week.

Perrie has been dating the 1D hunk since April and this is not the first time he’s been accused of cheating on her either.

Insiders say Edwards fell fast and hard for the singer from the minute they went on their first date and family members were reportedly worried that she would end up having her heart broken at some point.

Before this latest furore even occurred, it was reported that Perrie’s family were advising her to take things more slowly with Zayn.

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“Perrie and Zayn are spending every possible moment together,” a source told heat magazine.

“They basically live together, mostly at his place because he lives alone, so they get more privacy. She has half of her stuff at his place.”

That would explain the false nails and eyelashes that Courtney supposedly found strewn around the couple’s love next after her sex session.

The insider added:

perrie edwards

“Perrie has told friends that she thinks Zayn is the one, but her friends and family are also telling her to take it slower, as they’re worried she might lose focus on the band.”

It’s claimed that Zayn’s family warned him off too, believing that he was getting too serious about the Little Mix singer, at too young an age.

“Zayn’s family love Perrie to bits,” the insider explained, adding “but they’ve made sure he’s careful not to settle down too quickly.”

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“They like Perrie and know the two of them are besotted with each other, but they want to make sure he lives his life.”

If recent reports are to be believed then Zayn certainly is living his life to the full, but then who knows if the claims are true.

We really want to give Zayn the benefit of the doubt on this one but we’re not sure what to think? What about you Directioners? What do you think of it all? Leave your comments below….

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