One Direction cause havoc in the Record Label office in new ‘Best Song Ever’ video


One Direction released the official ‘Best Song Ever’ video this evening, and the lads cause havoc in the Record Label office following a failed meeting about their forthcoming This Is Us movie.

The hilarious first two minutes of the video feature the guys as their characters, which were all unveiled last week as part of the Best Week Ever campaign.

Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan are seen as their characters – Jonny the studio executive and the label executive respectively – sat behind a desk in an office discussing Angelina Jolie.

Tomlinson says: “I said to her, Angelia, I want to, I really want to, but what about Brad? Brad’s like a son to me”.

Horan adds: “You’re a good man”.

Tomlinson continues: “I know, I know”.

Zayn Malik comes into the room in character as Veronica, the sexy secretary and tells both Horan and Tomlinson that One Direction have arrived to shoot their movie.


“We can’t wait for this movie, it’s going to be the greatest movie of all time. I’m talking academy awards, Emmys, Baftas,” Tomlinson remarks.

Marcel the geeky marketing guy is then brought into the office in which he tells the guys: “Really nice to meet you guys. I’m a huge fan, cute as a button every single one of you.

“First scene, I’m talking a massive dance number, I’m thinking a hundred dancers, fireworks, the lot. Just so hot right now”.

Liam’s character, the camp choreographer is then brought in: “Okay, so here’s what I’m thinking – First opening number is going to be really big. Stay with me as I’m quite quick and really five, six, seven, eight”.


Marcel then shows the group different styles they should sport in the movie, but it goes down like a led balloon – none of the guys like the ideas. The video then opens up into the song in which the guys reap havoc in the office, throwing over book cases, smashing glass and Liam pushing Niall around the office in a trolley.

The video also features scenes from the forthcoming One Direction movie, This Is Us.

Check out the official video, below:


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