One Direction: Harry Styles is NAKED for Brit Awards 2014 but what is Louis Tomlinson doing?

by Lisa McGarry

Harry Styles

Harry Styles is naked, Harry Styles is naked! Ok, so we can’t see anything other than his lovely face but it’s enough to know he’s wearing nothing under that robe right?

The One Direction star is currently getting himself ready for tonight’s Brit Awards ceremony and it seems he’s taking special care with his outfit.

Harry is widely recognised as the most stylish member of 1D, so the weight is on his shoulders to get it right this evening. Though for a boy, surely all he has to do is stick on a nice suit, some shiny shoes and a tie to look good.

Niall Horan tweeted earlier that he’s excited about seeing his pals again and the band all being together for the first time since December and Harry looks pretty chuffed to be heading to a reunion too.

The official One Direction team shared this picture of nudey Styles on Instagram earlier today with the caption:

“Harry’s currently naked and getting ready for the #BRITs2014”

louis tomlinson

The Little Things singer later teased his fans, joking that he would be wearing a dress for his red caret walk and he tweeted:

“Gown is on.”

Meanwhile, either Louis Tomlinson is going casual tonight, or he’s having a tea break as he shared a picture of himself rocking a vest top, drinking a culpa out of the pot and captioned it:

“No cups so I went for the pot! :)”

If Lou Lou has control of the Instagram account tonight, then he may well have been responsible for the naked Harry pic. Tommo can you pull the gown down a bit next time huh?

one direction

The band are up for three awards tonight, Best Video, Best Single and Best Group and though they face stiff competition from Ellie Goulding, Bastille, Rudimental and Calvin Harris to name a few, we think they’ll walk away with at least one gong….probably the video one since it’s being voted for on Twitter and let’s face it, who can beat 1D on Twitter?

The Brit Awards will air live tonight on ITV1 or if you’re an international fan then you can keep up on Youtube, where the whole ceremony is being streamed for the first time.

Earlier today Beyonce was confirmed as the surprise guest and performer.

Check out our Brit Awards predictions here and leave your comments below…

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