One Direction: Harry Styles in solo meeting with music producers. Will he ever come home?

by Lisa McGarry
harry styles

harry styles

Harry Styles is not doing much to calm fans of his band One Direction……in fact he’s driving some of them to the brink of distraction with his actions this month!

It’s been claimed for months that the handsome star is considering leaving his boyband and striking out alone and the rumours gained pace last week when, after not seeing his bandmates for almost three months, he spent only a few hours with them at The Brit Awards and then jetted straight back to LA the next morning.

It was later reported that Harry has been hard at work and building his repertoire of songs and we told you last week that he has already penned 18 tracks that have never been featured on a 1D album.

It sounds like when the time comes for Styles to go solo, he’ll be well prepared!

Last night Directioners were in a frantic state of worry again, when one fan shared a picture of Haz with an American music producer. He also hung out with former X Factor contestant and pal Storm Lee.

Not much is known about the meeting with producers, but the concern is that the Little Things singer is building his contacts and his material and considering a split from 1D after their 2014 world tour.

The band reportedly inked a new three year deal at the end of last year, which will see them putting out three more albums at least by 2016.

However contracts have been broken before and many 1D fans are starting to wish Harry would just come home, rejoin the band and put their mind at ease.

One tweeted:

“Harry needs to go back home. He stresses me out when he’s in LA!”

Another posted:

“Meanwhile.. Louis in Doncaster and Harrys STILL in LA

Does he ever leave america like seriously harry COME HOME”

A third teased:

Harry was spotted out at his second Kodaline gig of the week last night and he was pictured posing with some pretty fans in a nearby bar afterwards.

It looks like he’s certainly enjoying his stay. He doesn’t look ready to come home….

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Lisa McGarry

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  1. Harry's Career Counsellor on February 28, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    A grown man securing his career longevity….gosh, how TERRIBLE. *eyeroll* Harry is a very cluey guy who seems to have very astute business advisors. 1D is a (albeit, very successful) WORK endeavor. Like any adult Harry has a long worklife ahead of him and is planning for it….like ANY normal human being. Best of luck to him. I suspect with this ambition and work ethic he’ll be in the music industry for a long long time to come – either in the limelight or working behind the scenes. Love him.

  2. Historicalpassion1 on February 28, 2014 at 5:29 pm

    According to Storm Lee’s tweet, he unexpectedly ran into Harry. They weren’t intentionally ‘hanging out’ together. Also, based on the ASCAP song list that was recently released, many of the songs Harry co-wrote were written a long time ago. That is evident by the ones that have been recorded. Each of the 1D members no-doubt has a similar list that includes many non-recorded songs. And finally, did it occur to anyone that he might be in LA working on behalf of 1D and not just in his own self-interest? Most of the songs on all three previous CD’s were recorded in the LA area. We also know they are writing for the next CD and he may be choosing to do his writing with those in LA. With the knowledge that they are currently working on a new CD, to me, all this points to that…not to an indication of a solo career.

  3. Granny Gripes on February 28, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    Maybe he forgot where he belongs, the other 4 helped make him famous.
    He does not ever promote 1 D. He, his family and close friends promote him every second of every day .
    His best friend tears down one of the band members and never has Harry said it was not OK .
    And frankly he has that right. They helped make him rich and famous which gives him the opportunity to go for the gold all alone. Why share ?

  4. whatever on February 28, 2014 at 10:12 pm

    People will believe what they want about Harry anyway.
    It seems that some people see a fame hungry person ready to leave to 1D ship & others see a nice young man who might be working on his future, or even on the next 1D album (which is perfectly possible as well).

    I just don’t get where people see Harry promoting only himself & not being a team player… The other boys are not using their twitter in a different way from him (apart from the fact that their tweets are more straightforward).
    I also don’t think that Harry is the kind of person to argue with other people online: whether you think it’s a good thing or not, he just ignores twitter crisis.

    And I don’t understand why people think that Grimmy is Harry’s BFF… They hang out sometimes in London, that’s all.
    Harry clearly spends more time with Ben Winston & Cal from his team than Grimmy. When asked about who is best friend is, he names Ed Sheeran. I am not saying that he isn’t friendly with Grimmy, but people are making this a lot bigger than it is.

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