One Direction: Niall Horan outs Liam Payne & Louis Tomlinson is gushing!

by Lisa McGarry
niall horan instagram

niall horan instagram

Niall Horan revealed the extent of Liam Payne’s drunkenness at The Brit Awards this week in a rather amusing Twitter message.

The One Direction star certainly looked less than sober when he took to the stage in London’s O2 Arena early in the night to pick up the band’s Global Success award and he was even less lucid when he returned to collect the gong for Best Video.

At a press conference after the bash Liam admitted to reporters that he was feeling rather ‘drunk’ but even that didn’t stop him from whisking his girlfriend Sophia Smith to the Sony Music after party, where they danced the night away until the early hours.

All this from the boy who only started drinking a year ago. We hope his previously dysfunctional kidney is holding up ok!

Louis Tomlinson – who we’d bet downed more than a few glasses of free champers too – tweeted fans today and thanked them saying:

one direction

“Can’t thank everyone who voted enough 🙂 had a great night last night !”

Niall replied to his pal saying:

“id say payno is dyin, I don’t dare call him”

Liam hasn’t issued a reply to his pals yet but we’re pretty sure his head was pretty sore when he woke up yesterday. That hangover must have needed at least two good fry ups before it cleared!

one direction

Harry Styles was boasting a clear head on Thursday morning though and during an interview with Nick Grimshaw on his breakfast show, the hunk admitted that he had taken it rather more easy that his bandmates at the event.

It turns out there was method in his madness and yesterday afternoon the star jumped on board a plane and took himself off to LA again.

We were a little upset by the news, after all he hasn’t seen the rest of One Direction in three months and he’s already leaving. And what about that fourth album that they’re all supposed to be writing for eh?

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