One Direction: Nick Grimshaw’s rep claims that Grimmy, his dog and Harry Styles didn’t have ANY slumber parties during Fashion Week – errrmmm… ok!

by Nick Barnes

nick grimshaw, harry styles

If there’s one weird relationship in the world of showbiz, it’s that of Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw, and it looks like the motto of the day is ‘Deny, Deny, Deny!’

So, ever since Grimmy and Styles struck up a friendship, the papers seemingly think that something fishy is going on between them, but their reps keep telling us it’s an innocent relationship. The latest word on the block is that Haz slept at Grimmy’s “gaff” during London Fashion week.

We can imagine them both… hair in bobbles, with their Pyjamas on and having a fluffy pillow fight in the bedroom after fixing each other’s make-up. A bit like a bad Taylor Swift music video…

A source told the Daily Star last week: “Harry may have splashed the cash on his gaff, but if no one’s sleeping over he hates staying there.

“It’s depressing for him having the whole place to himself. He’s used to having his bandmates around. So when he has free time in London, he now heads over to Nick’s place.

harry styles and nick grimshaw

“He loves cuddling up to little Lex [Nick’s dog] when he stays over. Harry, Nick and the dog wind down together on the couch”.

The last two sentences of that statement seem extremely odd. The images I have floating around in my head right now, I wish I could unsee.

However, after catching wind of the clearly very untrue and disturbing rumour, Nick’s rep has denied all claims by saying: “Harry has not stayed at Nick’s house once during fashion week”.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Nick and Harry actually do enjoy slumber parties when Haz is in town? Let us know in the comments below!

Nick Barnes

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