One Direction PARTY! Liam Payne’s friends crash Zayn Malik’s birthday bash!

zayn malik

Zayn Malik celebrates his 21st birthday tomorrow and apparently the star is hosting a bash in his London home tonight.

The One Direction star brought the New Year in with his fiancé Perrie Edwards In Weymouth, where they ate pub lunches, went for long walks and visited a tattoo parlour.

Earlier this week the couple were spotted in Disneyland Paris, where they spent some quality time with Mickey Mouse and the crew, before laying low in a luxury French hotel.

We have a feeling that his birthday celebrations tonight are a little more crazy though!

Liam Payne’s friends revealed that they’ve crashed the bash this evening and one tweeted:

“LOL as if we’ve just jumped Zane’s fence to his house o.0 crazy night ahead! @tomqueens @Michaelcoates27 @Real_Liam_Payne”

Another added:

Payne’s BFF Tom Queens revealed that he was planning a wild night and tweeted:

“Tonight is going to be a big night!! Omg I’m buzzing”

He added:

“As if I’m smashed in Zayns house”

However we think the lads may have already left the party (that or they’re trying to throw fans off the scent). Liam’s pal Tom tweeted:

“Back to the bro liams for a cheeky fifa tournie… then out”

Liam added:

zayn niall liam

“@zaynmalik happy birthday bro have a good one tomorrow thanks for having us sorry haven’t got ur num in this phone so had to say it here”

Question 1: Why would Liam leave his pal’s party so early?

Question 2: How can he NOT have Malik’s phone number on his phone?

It is thought that Perrie and her brother Jonnie Edwards are already at Zayn’s London pad and Jonnie tweeted yesterday saying:

“London today 😆”

Niall Horan will be giving the party a miss it seems and he tweeted tonight saying:

“It’s 20 past 9 and I haven’t left the house once today! Proper lazy Saturday! Football was on , nialler was happy”

He added:

“Off t bed! Goodnight peeps! Sorry I’ve been a bit shit on twitter lately, enjoyin the time off ya know?”

Leave your comments and Happy Birthday message for Zayn below….

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    Happy Birthday Zayn and I hope you have a great day 🙂

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