One Direction unveil phwoar-less GQ magazine covers and Harry Styles’ dickie is removed from eBay


Hold the press! One Direction have today unveiled individual glossy cover shots for the forthcoming edition of the British GQ magazine.

The next edition of the magazine is out on the 1st August and features an exclusive interview with the lads.

Each of the covers features the lads wearing pea coats, which seems to be the trend for August, but it doesn’t seem to be cold enough for a pea coat quite yet, no?

Well… aside from Louis that is, his coat is more saaasssy, but Louis has to be Louis.

Aside from that, the cover features a quote from each of the lads, check out what they have to say:

Harry is “Up all night to get lucky” as he says: “It’s definitely less than 100”… he’s talking about the amount of albums One Direction plan to release – OBVS!


Liam says: “Groupies? You’re going to be me in trouble” as he adds “heavier. Rockier. Cooler”.

Louis is “no longer going to play nice” as he says “Noel Gallagher is not supposed to like our music” – we reckon Gallagher dances in his pants to Best Song Ever and wishes he looks as hot as Zayn Malik as a secretary.

Niall’s next stop is “The Universe” as he says “All I see is a sea of screaming faces” – and those are just the girls that rammed their way into his hotel room. Jokes… he clearly let them in accidentally on purpose.

Finally, Zayn “Brings the swagger” as he says “They will build statues of us” – Hopefully they will put them in Trafalgar square, anything is better than that big blue… cock(erel).


The August edition of GQ Magazine goes on sale on August 1st and will set you back £19.95 (Yes, I worked out how much it is for all 5 editions, because I know you’re going to buy them all!)

Meanwhile, Harry’s dickie has been removed from eBay due to bogus bids and his mum ain’t too happy about it.

Last week, Harry’s mum listed a bow tie that Harry wore on eBay with all money raised going to the Believe in Magic charity.

The listing was meant to run through August 1st, which is the charity’s second birthday but due to an influx of fake bidders, Harry’s momma has had to remove it from the auction site.


After removing the listing, Anne explained on twitter: “Re: Harry Styles Bow Tie Auction. Due to the number of bogus bids, eBay have advised that the item be removed from sale at this time. However, it will be relisted in August (keep your eyes peeled for the date), by eBay, who have kindly offered to manage the auction process. The proceeds will still be going to @believeinmagicx, so it will be a ‘belated’ birthday boost.

“Thank you to all those of you whose bids were genuine, I’m sorry this has had to happen but we’ll get there in the end!”

Nick Barnes

Nick is the Assistant Editor at Unreality TV, along with being a full-time Beyoncé obsessor! Email him at or catch him on Twitter @ImNickBarnes

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  1. XFF on July 31, 2013 at 4:10 am

    I have to say, Zayn looks incredible on his cover.

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