One Direction win big at the Radio 1 Teen Awards & they had to complete two HILARIOUS forfeits (VIDEO)

by Nick Barnes


The spectacular annual BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards came around once again yesterday, in which Radio 1’s teen listeners voted for their favourite celebrities in various different categories from best solo act to best actor.

One Direction cleaned up at the awards last night, which took place at Wembley Arena, taking home two awards. However, because they couldn’t attend the event, they had to complete two forfeits to win both awards.

The first award that the ever popular lads won was Best British Group and judging by the screaming in the arena, there wasn’t much suspense in revealing the winner.

As the lads were on tour at the time, they couldn’t attend the event to pick up their award in person, therefore they had to complete a forfeit instead, which involved them clipping the most pegs to their face as possible in an allotted time.

Niall Horan won the task attaching a whopping 14 pegs to his face from his lips, to his nose and to his eyelids. He even cut his lip in the process… that’s dedication, Directioners.

Accepting the award, Niall said: “Thank you to everyone at Radio 1 and thank you to all our fans who supported us and voted us to win this award, so thank you very much. Have a good day at Wembley and I’m sorry we can’t be there. Hopefully, we’ll see you all back in the UK very soon”.


It turns out that ‘Best Song ever’ was literally the best song EVER at the Teen Awards yesterday as the lads picked up their second award for Best British Single.

Once again, they had to complete a very silly task involving… silly string! The guys had to pick straws and the one that pulled the short straw had to do an acceptance speech whilst the rest of 1D sprayed them with Silly String. Poor Louis pulled the short straw.

“Lads, we’re on here again as we’ve won another award for Best British Single for Best Song Ever,” Liam announced.

In his acceptance speech, Louis said: “We just wanna say a massive thank you to everybody who voted and we love our fans… and this tastes disgusting…”

Check out the two forfeits, below:

Nick Barnes

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