One Direction: Zayn Malik opens up about Harry Styles clash & Niall Horan talks real friends!

zayn malik

zayn malik

Zayn Malik has insisted that One Direction are doing good and are better friends than ever before.

There were reports last week that Harry Styles was clashing with the rest of the band over their further musical direction, with so called insiders claiming that Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan were particularly upset with the star.

It was claimed that Harry is keen to move towards a more rocky style of music and wants to leave cheesy pop in the group’s past, while Niall and Louis are worried about alienating their loyal fans.

Liam and Niall previously denied the reports and in a new interview with Top Of The Pops magazine Zayn insisted that he, Liam, Niall, Louis and Harry are still ‘really good mates.’

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He said:

“We’re all really good mates and understand each other’s boundaries a lot more now.”

The band toured together for eight months last year and Malik says that being in such close proximity, for such a long time, means that they understand each other better than ever now.

He added:

“We understand if somebody in the band’s a bit tired, then we know not to annoy them, or if they’re upset you might have to speak to them.”

Niall Horan also revealed that 1D and all their respective friends have become like a huge family now.

Niall Horan

The band formed over three years ago and ever since they have each been inviting their best friends from home to join them on tour and at events, which means that they all know each other’s extended circles.

Horan likes the fact that they haven’t lost touch with their past and said:

“Some of my mates are the same ones I had in primary school. They’ll come on tour with me or come and stay in London.”

He added:

“We all know each other’s friends, so we’re like one big group now.”

The band are currently on a break and while Niall is relaxing in London, Zayn has travelled to Disneyland Paris with his fiancé Perrie Edwards to celebrate his birthday this week.

It’s been reported that Niall is planning a trip too and that he will be taking his new girlfriend Barbara Palvin to meet his family in Mullingar next month.

Meanwhile, Harry is still hanging out with Kendall Jenner in LA, while Louis returned to Twitter last night to praise Celebrity Big Brother and Liam was spotted on a cinema date with his lady Sophia Smith.

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