One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles are reinventing themselves this week!

by Lisa McGarry

louis Tomlinson is said to be keen to move away from his One Direction pop roots, as he releases new music.

The star hit the charts with a dance track Just Hold On at the end of this year. It was written in collaboration with talented DJ Steve Aoki. Insiders say the handsome performer is going to keep on that track with the rest of his new tunes.

Sources say the hunk is also working with DJ Matoma and while he is playing his cards close to his chest, the music star did tell The Daily Star: “I remixed Perfect for One Direction and Louis wanted to do something so we went to the studio to connect and had some fun. My impression is he’s a passionate, talented person and a really nice guy.

“The big thing is that he is humble and down to earth so maybe something will come.”

One other person doing a bit of reinventing this week is Louis’ friend Harry Styles.

The star is rumoured to be working on a number of inventive and out there photoshoots which will be released when he drops his new album.

Record label bosses already revealed that the new album will hit shelves sooner than expected and they are promising great things from the Dunkirk actor.

All the lads are working hard to differentiate themselves from each other and from the former musical releases. However fear not because Niall Horan promised this week that they are also planning a reunion!

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