One Direction’s Niall Horan blasts ‘arrogant’ rugby star Mike Philips!

Niall Horan

Niall Horan is on a bit of a rant this afternoon but we have to warn you One Direction fans, it’s sports related.

We know that most of you are more interested in clothes and makeup and music that you are in sweaty men wearing very short shorts……oh wait a minute….

Anyway, it seems the One Direction star has been engrossed in the rugby this afternoon and we don’t know much about the game but we have discerned that Ireland is playing against Wales as part of the Six Nations 2014 (tournament, competition..something!).

Of course our lovely Nialler is throwing his weight behind his home team and it seems as though one of their opponents has upset him greatly.

mike philips

Towards the end of the match Welsh player Mike Philips took a penalty shot in Aviva stadium but it wasn’t enough to save the team and in the end Wales were beaten by Ireland by 26 to 3. The Guinness will be flowing freely in Dublin tonight!

We aren’t watching the game, but can only assume that 31 year old Mike was less than happy with the result, as Niall tweeted just minutes ago saying:

He posted:

“Mike Philips is like a child throwing his toys out of the pram! his attitude is terrible, looks like a right arrogant idiot”

The 1D hunk added:

“Huge win for Ireland ! deffinately on course to win this six nations now! Cmon Ireland”

niall horan

Many fans seem to be in agreement with the pop star and one tweeted:

“Have some of that ice cold revenge Wales. And that nice Mike Philips seemed all perturbed too. What a shame. #hahahahahahahahahahahaha”

Another amused us greatly with their comment, which read:

“Mike Philips is dreamy but he acts like a fella that would of robbed your milk off ye in primary school at break time”

A third posted:

“Few sights in rugby as amusing as watching Mike Phillips spit the dummy”

We have zero interest in rugby at all, but after reading all that, we’re heading off to Youtube to see if we can find a clip from the match and find out what all the fuss was about!

Did you see it? Do you know?

Leave your comments below….

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