One Direction’s Niall Horan denies self help books & is he dating Taylor Swift? Does Harry Styles know?

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niall horan

Niall Horan has spoken out to set the record straight on a series of rumours that have been doing the rounds in the press this week.

It was reported that the One Direction star has been experiencing an escalation of his panic attacks and claustrophobia ever since he was trapped in a lift with a number of other people at the end of last year.

Insiders say Niall was so worried about the effect of the experience, that he was poring over a number of self help books. One source claimed that while Niall recuperated from his recent knee surgery, he was getting through at leafs three of these publications per week.

The rumours had some element of believability, because Nialler has himself admitted to suffering from claustrophobia in the past and he’s confessed that the mobbing incidents endured over the course of their last tour, worried and scared him a lot.

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However it seems the self help books are not a regular feature on his reading list and tonight he replied to one Twitter user who stated:

“Niall Horan using self-help books to learn to cope with his claustrophobia and panic attacks?”

Horan said:

“is he ?”

That isn’t the only bit of fire fighting he’s been doing either.

It was reported this week that Niall may have started off a romance with harry Styles’ ex Taylor Swift, after he was spotted at one of her London shows.

The 1D hunk hobbled along to the gig in the O2 Arena and a lot was read into his attendance.

Niall Horan

However a One Direction told E! News that the Little Things singer is nothing more than a fan and insisted:

“He is just a fan of her music. There’s nothing going on.”

An eyewitness reported that Niall “seemed like he was enjoying [the show],” and that he was “quickly taken away by his security” after her last song.

The Irish singer is taking it easy tonight and he told fans that once again he’s chilling out at home making the most of his break from work.

Niall wrote:

“Chillin tonight ! Few drinks, watch a bit of TV!! Imilim Devine is back from oz tomorrow! Yeooppp”

He doesn’t sound very panicky does he?

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