Over The Rainbow: Amy Diamond sings ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ & Danielle Hope sings ‘Red’ (VIDEO)

On tonight’s Over The Rainbow, former page three girl Amy Diamond chose to sing Fergie’s Big Girls Don’t Cry. It wasn’t a perfect vocal and we think that her backing vocals may have been more prominent than the rest. We don’t see Amy as Dorothy and can’t help thinking that she’s only on the show to generate some headlines!

Danielle Hope was up next (check out the video below) and sang Daniel Merriweather’s Red. It’s an excellent power ballad and though Danielle may have oversang it a tiny bit, we did enjoy her performance.

Judges Comments:

Shiela: Amy is a fantastic performer. Very attractive. What worries me is that Dorothy is a girl who looks at things straight in the eye. She never uses guile, she never uses girliness. If she did, the relationship with the Wizard and the three men on the road might become very suspect. It’s got to be a girl that is absolutely straight, doesn’t flutter her eyelids. Danielle I thought was terrific, you could go further. It was an intelligent interpretation. That would focus it, I think.

John: You’re going to have to start being less MTV and more West End. You’re going to have to be less Diamond and more Dorothy. Danielle, that was another song where you had to sing on your break. It’s making me wonder how much range you have in your voice. I’d have liked to see you go for those top money notes.

Charlotte: Amy, that was really good, you’ve got a really lovely voice. I’d like you to straighten it out a little – less R&B, you don’t always have to riff and stuff. Danielle, I thought the interpretation of it was brilliant, I really believed you. But it was to the detriment of the vocal a little bit.

Andrew: To Amy: I think you’d be fantastic in Legally Blonde, that would be ideal for you.

Lisa McGarry

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