Over The Rainbow: Dani Raynor sings Ego & Steph Fearon sings I Just Can’t Stop Loving You (VIDEO)

On tonight’s Over The Rainbow Dani Raynor gave her own rendition of The Saturdays’ Ego. She looked really cute, but was incredibly uncomfortable on stage, especially when coming down the stairs………does anyone else think that those stairs are an accident waiting to happen? We also thought that vocally, Dani was nowhere near the standard of the two girls who preceded her…..she could be in danger this week.

Steph Fearon was up next and she sang Michael Jackson’s I Just Can’t Stop Loving You (check out the video below.) She was great for the most part – beautiful and more self-confident than Dani. She had a few wobbles during the first chorus but all in all, we liked it!

Judges Comments:

Charlotte: I think Dani struggled a little bit with that one. I think your overall performance was good, I think the way your expression in the song was good. It was a little bit sharp in the middle. Not bad, but could do better. Steph – I love the tone of your voice, that high note in the middle was a little bit shaky. I really want to see you back next week.

Shiela: I thought they both had a really good crack at it. I was really pleased with Dani, because I think she’s apt to think that the dimply smile is an advantage, and it’s crept in at other times. But you managed to keep it at bay. I thought you could have been angrier. Steph – it’s interesting, here’s a man who does yelps and yelps, and they always come from his gut. I thought you did get the meaning of the song, but it could have had more colours. I knew you were in love, but there were other things in there like amazement and fear. But I thought you both sang beautifully.

John: Steph, you can tell that you are a girl about town. You came down those stairs effortlessly. I really enjoyed your performance. That big note in the middle, that was slightly pushed for me. I think less is more for you. Dani, I think you struggled a little bit with that. Be careful that it doesn’t become too presentational. Because when it becomes too presentational, it becomes a little stagey. When it becomes stagey, you’re losing the truth.

Andrew: This is an intriguing situation, because Steph you are a fantastic singer, but your instinct is toward the big power ballad. I’m not sure that the home for you is the Wizard Of Oz. On the other hand, Dani I know your performance was very raw tonight. I’m not saying that you’re not a great singer, but I’m not saying that you gave a good performance, because you didn’t.

Lisa McGarry

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