Over The Rainbow – Saturday 17th April liveblog

On last week’s Over The Rainbow, Andrew Lloyd Webber and his panel of judges whittled down the Dorothy hopefuls to just 9. So far we have lost Amy Diamond and Bronte Barbe, we are hoping that wildcard Dorothy Emilie leaves this week, lets be honest, she never should have made to the live shows anyway!

The finalists open the show with a group performance of ‘Ease On Down The Road’ from the 1975 Broadway musical The Wiz. We are still waiting for the girls to attempt songs from Wicked…..or are they banned because this is a production of The Wizard Of Oz? Will there be deadly competition between both versions of Oz? Who knows.

Andrew Lloyd Webber reveals that some of the band couldn’t make it because of that darned volcano! Spare a thought for us kind readers. Unreality TV is liveblogging from a strange flat tonight because we’ve been stranded since Thursday due to the flight cancellations.

Dani Rayner & Sophie Evans

Dani and Sophie are two of the youngest contestants on this year’s show. Dani is just 16 years old, with Sophie coming in at a tender 17. I love to hear the way the girls can twist a contemporary song into an emotional musical track on the show and Dani seems to do just that. She started off ‘One Night Only’ with a strong and slow touching vocal but we felt that when it sped up to a dance number she lost a little of her strength. Still it was probably one of her better performances of the series.

Sophie followed with ‘I’m With You.’ and while she acted the song well and definitely put some of her desperation and sadness into it, her vocal was screechy and weak in places. I didn’t love it at all.

Judges Comments:

Sheila Hancock: I’m going to be picky, Sophie I long to see you do a humorous song because you’re always a bit intense. Dani you didn’t quite make me understand what the song was about. The number is about a girl who doesn’t want to commit and wants a one night stand, it isn’t a Dorothy song and it isn’t for your age group. I would have liked more light and shade in the song to clarify what the story is about.

John Partridge: I was looking for connection and both of you ladies were sensational and you did me proud. Dani you sold it, it was your strongest performance to date. Sophie we worked on committing, you believed it and I believe you. You could still be Dorothy.

Charlotte Church: Sophie I loved that performance, you got all those notes spot on. You started off shaky but you grew into it. Dani what I love about you is that you are not self conscious at all. Be careful your voice does tend to get nasal some times, just be careful of that.

Lauren Samuels

22 year old Lauren sang Sway for the judges tonight and I thought it was a lot weaker than her previous performances. Lauren blew me away last week, but obviously her stint in the bottom two affected her confidence because this was a bit weak vocally. She danced well and performed the routine brilliantly, but it lacked some of her normal sparkle for me.

Judges Comments:

Charlotte Church: You’re just unbelievable. You smoldered your way through that performance

John Partridge: I just want to say that it’s ok to be confident. Confidence is a good thing, you proved tonight that you’ve got the full package.

Sheila Hancock: I thought it was a really elegant performance. Well done Lauren, excellent!

Andrew Lloyd Webber: A really good performance, your best yet.

Emilie Fleming & Stephanie Davis

19 year old Emilie is up next singing Moonriver, from the classic movie Breakfast At Tiffanys. The slower style certainly suits Emilie more and this is probably her best performance to date. However, her voice isn’t 100% and you can hear that she could benefit from another year or two of vocal training before she takes to the stage professionally.

17 year old Stephanie sings Let’s Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez. Steph is one of my favourites in this years bunch, but this song just didn’t showcase her properly. It was too pop and fast paced and though she danced well, she wasn’t challenged vocally at all. Sh did the best she could with a bad song…..but I’m hoping for a slower number next week.

Judges Comments:

John Partridge: Emilie I just didn’t get it. I didn’t understand who you were singing to or who you were singing about. You had that little waltz section and you didn’t even look at the boy. Stephanie another solid sensational performance from you. Know when you can pull back from it and add some light and shade.

Sheila Hancock: That was wonderful Stephanie and I’m so glad that last week you did Smile so beautifully because you proved you can do both. Emilie that was great but I could have done more with understanding what the song was about. It was pretty and your voice sounded very pretty

Charlotte Church: Emilie you have found your vocal control. I got the whole story. Stephanie you’re awesome, that’s all I have to say!

Andrew Lloyd Webber: Emilie I think there was a reason why we didn’t put you into the top ten originally. Stephanie you were extraordinary tonight.

Steph Fearon & Jenny Douglas

Steph’s dad used to be famous but we missed the name of his band…. Anyway he’s jealous that she’s singing in the old Top Of The Pops studio…sucks to be old doesn’t it Dad 🙁 Steph is singing Out Here On My Own from Fame. For choreography week, there’s not much movement here but Steph’s vocal is lovely. Just the right amount of light and shade as Sheila would say.

Jenny is singing the faster paced Why Do Fools Fall In Love by Diana Ross. During her VT, Jenny claimed to be the worst dancer in the competition but I didn’t see that tonight. Actually I thought Jenny moved very fluidly around the stage, so that it hardly looked choreographed at all. Lovely vocals too.

Judges Comments:

Charlotte Church: Steph you’re a triple threat, you can act you can dance and you can sing. Jenny the overall performance was really good but your voice got really nasally there.

John Partridge: Steph you dazzled us with your acting ability, sincere and honest. I’m starting to think that maybe you’re faking it and I don’t want a girl who fakes it.

Sheila Hancock: Steph simply beautiful. Jenny I don’t care if you can dance or not just have fun with it.

Andrew Lloyd Webber: Steph I think you;re immensely talented but I’m not sure Dorothy is the role for you.

Danielle Hope & Jessica Robinson

Jessica takes to the stage tonight to perform This Thing Called Love by Queen. As always Jess acts the song really well and is actually a really fabulous dancer. Her vocals suffered because of the routine and I wonder if that will affect the amount of votes she gets.

Danielle went for the Take That / Barry Manilow classic ‘Could It Be Magic.’ There is one moment where she’s holding a long note and John Partridge looks horrified…..hilarious! Danielle’s dancing doesn’t compare to Jessica’s and I don’t think this was a great sing for her vocally either…..could have been better.

Judges Comments

Charlotte Church: Jess you owned the stage and Danielle it was good but the top notes need some vibrato.

John Partridge: Jessica I really wanted to love it but I didn’t. It looked like really hard work and I didn’t love it at all. Danielle you’ve found what your good at and stuck with it. You need to sake it up a bit.

Sheila Hancock: Jess the choreography was so complicated but you did it well. Danielle I want you to regard the camera more, thats how you will connect with the public at home.

Andrew Lloyd Webber: Jessica if I was casting Funny Girl you would be high on the list because you work the camera well and use your facial expressions very well. Danielle I think you are a very very remarkable performer.

The girls embark on a lively rendition of West Side Story’s ‘America.’ Andrew says he wouldn’t have attempted a number like this in previous shows, because the girls weren’t talented enough. I bet Jodie Prenger didn’t appreciate that comment. Th girls actually do the song quite well, though some of the accents were dodgy to the extreme. More to the point, some of those boy dancers were HOT! I got quite distracted for a minute there.

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