Over The Rainbow: Show 3 – Bronte Barbe and Jessica Robinson (VIDEO)

On tonight’s Over The Rainbow live show Bronte Barbe treated us to I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt. It was an almost spellbinding version, simple and earnestly sung. But why was she wearing her nightshirt on stage?

Jessica Robinson was up next and she performed Amy Winehouse’s Rehab. We liked the energy of the performance but at times the vocals suffered because of the routine and the enthusiastic actions.

Judges Comments:

John: Quite similar performances in that neither of these girls has the best voice in the competition – but they make the best of what they have. Jessica, you took a contemporary song and you made it musical theatre. You’re the first girl to do that tonight, so you should be commended for that. Bronte, it was a good performance. Did it blow me away? No. But it was competent.

Charlotte: Bronte, I think you’ve got the most natural beautiful voice of all the girls in the competition. The vocal was spotless, but it’s one of the saddest songs and I didn’t get that from you at all. Jessica, you have not got one of the most natural voices, but I didn’t care, because that was unbelievable.

Sheila: I think they both could have gone a little bit further. Jessica, there’s a childishness about that lyric, isn’t there? A hysterical childishness. I didn’t think there was enough frenzy in some direction. Bronte, terrific. I though the end was particularly lovely. Again, it’s a girl facing a very complex fact and you handled it beautifully.

Andrew: Bronte, there’s something in your eyes that’s a little sad. I think there’s more that needs to come out. Jessica – that’s a pop song, very difficult to make as a theatre song, and you did it. You’ve got all the wit you could possibly have.

Lisa McGarry

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